2U Digital Marketing and Analytics Internship 2020

2U, Inc., an education management organization headquartered in Maryland, USA, is calling on suitably qualified individuals interested in sending their application and qualify for its Digital Marketing and Analytics Internship programme for 2020.

2U South Africa is a leading global leader in education technology working in conjunction with well-known universities. The company provides support to, develops and delivers over 250 in-person and digital educational courses as well as graduate degrees, Trilogy-powered training courses, GetSmarter short courses and professional certificates.

2U Digital Marketing and Analytics Internship

2U’s internship programme offerings, or what the company calls the 2ternship, is an integral part of 2U’s developmental growth from the very beginning. Successful applicants will be able enrich their skill set in their field of interest, acquire hands-on business experience and regularly get feedback for optimal professional development. In addition, there will be opportunities for shadowing colleagues, attending senior executive meetings and making use of training resources throughout the course of the internship.

The duties and responsibilities of the Digital and Marketing Analyst include, but are not limited to:

  • Analyze data and be able to come up with sound marketing decisions
  • Perform ongoing site optimization and develop new scalable link-building activities
  • Make use of data to determine business risks and opportunities
  • Build ads for use in paid advertising
  • Identify new media opportunities
  • Execute web strategies on various 2U platforms
  • Facilitate research and development of quality content
  • Build marketing websites utilizing 2U’s custom CMS
  • Conduct research on current web trends to make sure the best UI/UX practices are in place
  • Establish relations with external and internal stakeholders and implement solutions simultaneously

Who should apply?

These minimum requirements must be met to be eligible for consideration:

  • Must be an active student or a recent tertiary education graduate
  • Must have an interest in web design, production and development, UI/UX, technology and marketing
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  •  Able to research and interpret technical documents
  • Able to achieve defined results by surpassing goals and objectives
  • Must be flexible, able to multitask, collaborate with co-workers and switch priorities
  • Hands-on knowledge with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, CSS, HTML and paid social platforms

How do I apply?

Candidates who meet the initial eligibility requirements will need to fill out an application form on the company’s recruitment portal. Click here to get started with the application process.

Be sure not to leave out any blank fields on the application form.

Application Deadline?

No deadline for submission of applications has been set as of this writing.

Contact Information

For further questions about the programme, click here to access 2U’s contact form.

Click the link to view the 2U Digital Marketing and Analytics Internship 2020 advert.


  • How long will it take to complete the internship?
    2U’s Digital Marketing and Analyst Internship run for a period of six (6) months.
  • Is this a paid internship?
    Although undisclosed on this advert, this is a paid internship.
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