African Leadership Academy (ALA) MBA Summer Internship Programme

Based in South Africa, the African Leadership Academy, or ALA, is a tertiary education institution that aims to become the training ground for highly committed and ethical leaders of the future. The ALA hopes to achieve these goals with the help of its distinct Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum. One of such progammes is its MBA Summer Internship Programme that runs from June to September.

The ALA MBA Summer Leadership Internship Programme

The African Leadership Academy is offering its MBA Summer Internship programme, which is a residency internship held in its Johannesburg campus. Designed for MBA students, this summer internship programme provides interns with exposure to training, mentorship and professional experience. The programme welcomes a diverse pool of promising students in every year ALA opens the programme for applications. Students from premiere schools such as Stanford, Harvard, London Business Schools and more have attended past ALA summer internships.

Interns will be working on the Strategic Initiatives programmes which runs for one (1) to two (2) months within the Academy’s various projects which include Entrepreneurial Leadership, Finance Admissions, Academics and Marketing, Global Academics and more. In addition, the internship allows MBA students to fully appreciate the African continent and the ALA, interact with the organization’s faculty and staff, as well as attend its flagship events.

Interns will enjoy the following benefits while under the ALA Summer Leadership Internship Programme:

  • Free board and lodging either on or off-campus
  • Living allowance
  • Monthly transportation allowance

Career Options

While it does not guarantee full time employment upon completion of the internship, the African Leadership Academy does have various job vacancies interns can apply for.

Requirements or Eligibility

The African Leadership Academy requires applicants for its Summer Leadership Internship Programme to be current MBA students.

How to Apply

Qualified applicants are required to apply via the ALA’s website. Click on the link provided below to get there:

Summer Leadership Internship Programme application page

Opening and Closing Dates

No closing has been announced, however, note that the internship will start by May 2019.

Contact Information

Only qualified applicants will receive feedback about their application. If you want to read more about the African Leadership Academy, click the link below to get to its homepage.

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