Amazon SA BBBEE Internship 2020

July 1, 2020, Inc. is inviting qualified graduates who are interested in submitting an application and become part of the tech giant’s BBBEE Internship programme in South Africa. Read on further below for more about this internship offering.

As one of the Big Four tech companies, is a multi-national conglomerate in the tech sector that specializes in e-commerce, digital streaming, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. It is also the largest online marketplace, cloud computing platform and AI assistant provider in terms of market capitalization and revenue. This is a great opportunity for graduate students to jump-start their career with one of the leading tech companies in the world today.

Amazon is the world’s largest internet company and ranks as the second-largest private employer in the US and easily one of the most important companies in the world.

Amazon SA BBBEE Internship 2020

The successful candidate will be rotated across the five foundations of BBBEE, namely:

  • Ownership and Equity Equivalent Investment Programme
  • Management Control
  • Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development and Supplier Development
  • Socio-Economic Development
  • Skills Development

The incumbent will be contributing to the creation and implementation of various BBBEE initiatives within all the pillars, keep track of and report progress against goals and targets as well as gather factual data for BBBEE audits and reports.

Who should apply?

The ideal candidate must at least meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Holds a degree in Human Resources, Law, Social Development or Business Administration
  • General knowledge of BBBEE laws, as well as DTI’s Codes of Good Practice
  • Proficient in MS Word and Excel
  • Must have financial skills
  • Eager to deliver substantial transformation solutions as well as sustained process improvement and aggressive goal setting
  • Capable of accessing and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data and assessing risks
  • Solid organizational and communication skills

How do I apply?

Applicants who meet the minimum eligibility requirements will need to register an account on Amazon SA’s online recruitment page to start the application process. Click here to access the page.

Application Deadline?

No deadline for submission of applications has been set as of this writing.

Contact Information

For more information about the application process click the link to access Amazon SA’s FAQ page.

View a PDF copy of the Amazon SA BBBEE Internship Programme advert by clicking the link.

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