How To Apply For A Job With Jumpstart

JumpStart is a skills-development initiative that assists young people in South Africa in finding work. The initiative is part of efforts by a nonprofit organization called MR Price Foundation.  The foundation was created in 2005 to promote the national development priorities of the country actively and positively. This includes reducing youth unemployment and increasing access to high-quality education.

With the Jumpstart program, the foundation aims to fight youth unemployment and poverty in the country. It is important to note that the program accepts unemployed youth who show potential and capability to first train with them before getting employment.


According to the foundation, their vision is “to drive social change and make a sustainable impact for a brighter future.” The vision also includes “education and skills development as their anchor through which they co-create programs to unlock potential, with employability or entrepreneurship as the ultimate goal.”

In line with this vision, Jumpstart was able to 304 training sessions, develop 6 149 youth, and employ 3 069 of them in the financial year 2022. They also achieved a 50% employment rate with R 1.7 M investment in youth development in the same year.

This is according to Mr. Price Foundation’s integrated report FY22. “Our ultimate goal is for youth to use these skills to break the cycle of poverty through employment” the Head of Jumpstart Yurissa Sawers emphasized.

Jumpstart Offices and Contacts

Currently, there is no way to apply online for the leadership opportunities offered through Jumpstart. However, you can call, or email them for inquiries through the following Contact Details:

You can also visit their offices at the following addresses:

  • Johannesburg Office — Northcliff Atrium,3rd floor Suite 306,189 Beyers Naude Drive, Northcliff, 219. Tel: +27(0)11 431 1667
  • Cape Town Office — 1st Floor, Block C, Aintree Office Park, Loch Rd, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7708. Tel: +27(0)21 761 3772

Training Offered by Jumpstart

The way the program works is that it connects employer partners to a pipeline of retail talent and equips youths with essential industry and professional skills. The JumpStart initiative gives young people the fundamental retail skills they need as well as practical work experience in a retail setting.

In order to achieve its end goal, the program collaborates with a number of employer partners, including Spar, Miladys, Sheet Street, Power Fashion, Lucky Beans Clothing, Mr. Price, Mr. Price Sport, Mr. Price Home, and Oh Two Printing.

Jumpstart currently has 800 schools with 187 tutors and 617 teachers. It had 1100 classes and 43 digital classes. The subjects taught include Primary School Maths, Robotics and Coding, M&E Solutions, Teacher Training, and Software Development Labs.

Primary School Maths

Students who take the course on teaching primary school math leave with insightful knowledge and practical teaching methods for working with young students. You should expect discussions, practical exercises, and reflection tasks throughout this course to help you better understand good primary school arithmetic instruction. In order to give your pupils exciting and relevant math learning experiences, you will obtain useful methods, tools, and confidence.

Robotics and Coding

This alternative course will give you an overview of the ideas behind robotics and coding. Learners of Robotics and Coding gain a fundamental understanding of how robots function, their parts, and how they may be programmed to carry out particular jobs. Additionally, the essential ideas of coding, including commands, sequences, loops, and conditional statements, are also learned.

M & E Solutions

The lesson will provide a foundational understanding of Monitoring and evaluation concepts. The value of M & E in determining the effectiveness of treatments, projects, or programs will be taught to learners. They’ll learn to apply the goal of M & E and how it promotes accountability and fact-based decision-making.

Teacher Training

This course will help students understand the pedagogical concepts and strategies that enable efficient teaching and learning. You will investigate a variety of pedagogical ideas, including constructivism, active learning, and student-centered methods. You will learn the significance of stimulating critical thinking, involving students in the learning process, and developing inclusive and engaging learning environments.

Software Development Labs

The Software Development Labs is a two-year course on software engineering that provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, concepts, and practices involved in software development. Upon completion of the two-year course, you will have a strong foundation in software engineering principles, programming languages, software development methodologies, and the ability to contribute effectively to software development projects. You should be well-prepared for entry-level positions in the software industry or further studies in software engineering when you are through.


The Jumpstart program provides an opportunity for youth who are unable to get employment and education under different circumstances. If you are interested in getting employed through it, you must take one of the courses they offer. With undeterred focus and diligent studies, you should be able to get hired by the employment partners at the end of the pipeline.

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