ArcelorMittal Apprenticeship Programmes

ArcelorMittal South Africa Ltd. is the largest steel manufacturer operating on the African continent. The plant boasts the capacity to produce liquid steel amounting to 7.8 million tonnes each year.

ArcelorMittal SA’s worldwide reputation is further strengthened due to its being part of one of the largest steel producers in the world. The company has a global workforce of about 316,000 employees and is considered by many as one of the leaders in the steel production industry.

ArceorMittal’s global footprint spans 27 countries with an industrial presence  in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and of course, Africa. ArcelorMittal supplies a wide variety of vital steel components to key players in the steel industry. These key industry players include the construction industry, auto industry, home appliances and packaging. The company also markets and maintains the largest supply of raw materials as well as a wide distribution network.

ArcelorMittal Apprenticeship Program

ArcelorMittal offers a number of apprenticeships depending on the needs of the company and availability. Here are some of the open apprenticeships they are currently conducting:

Apprentice Millwright

The company is actively accepting qualified applicants to their millwright apprentice program. They need 20 candidates to join and complete the program. As a millwright apprentice, selected candidates will have hands-on experience in maintaining, installing, repairing, disassembling and moving industrial machinery.

Fitter and Turner

As a fitter and turner apprentice, participants will be able to apply their acquired theories into demonstrable skills and expertise. The apprentice will acquire real-world working experience studying heavy machinery blueprints, setting up and repairing metalworking equipment and machines. They will work with machines that produce tools and parts through various processes. Participants will also learn to fit and assemble metal components sub-assemblies, tools, as well as brazing and welding parts.

Boilermaker Apprenticeship

AcelorMittal is in need of five (5) qualified individuals to join their Boilermaker Apprenticeship programme. Participants are expected to complete the whole program for its duration. As no working experience is required, the apprentice will be exposed to actual working expertise and mentorship as a boilermaker in the leading steel manufacturer on the African continent.

Career Options

Successful completion of the apprenticeship program may lead to permanent employment within AcelorMittal SA.

Requirements or Eligibility

AcelorMittal will review applications that meet the following minimum requirements of the program applied to:

Apprenticeship Millwright

  • Completed Grade 12 with qualifications in English, Engineering or Physical Science
  • Have taken up subjects such as Electrician’s Work, Electro Techniques, Electrical Technology, Technica Electrical, plus an additional related subject eg, Industrial Electronics, Technical Drawings or Technica Electronics (Note: No failing marks, at least 50%, Math (not Math Literacy) minimum 45%
  • N3 certification with Engineering Science and trade theory subjects including Technica Electrical, Electrician’s Work, Electro Techniques and trade-related tech subjects eg, Industrial Electronics, Technical Drawings, and Technica Electronics with no failing marks and minimum 50%; passed Math (not Math Literacy) with at least 45%; passed Grade 12 English with at least 50%
  • Engineering Science with N4-N6 certification, passed trade theory subjects eg, Electrician’s Work, Electro Techniques, Electrical Tech, Technica Electrical; passed trade-relevant subjects with at least 40%, passed Math with at least 45%; passed Grade 12 with 50%
  • NCV Level 4 certification with Physical or Engineering Science, and English subjects; took up trade theory subjects such as Electrician’s Work, Electrical Tech, Electro Techcniques. No failing marks and at least 50%; Math at least 45%

Boilermaker Apprenticeship

  • Grade 12 qualification with subjects in English, Engineering or Physical Science, as well as trade theory subjects (eg, Platers and Metals, Weldng and Metals, Mechano Technology, as well as additional subjects such as Engineering Drawings and Graphics, and Technical Drawings; no failing marks and achieved a minimum of 50%. Passed Math with a minimum of 45%
  •  N4-N6 certification and have taken up Engineering Science, relevant trade theory subjects including Mechano and Metals, Welding and Metals, Platers and Metals, plus another trade-relevant subject (eg, Engineering Drawings and Graphics, Technical Drawings); no failed marks and at least at 40%. English must be at 50%.
  • Completed NCV Level 4 certification and have taken up subjects such as Engineering or Physical Science, English, relevant trade subjects (eg Welding and Metals, Mechano Tech, Platers and Metals, and Engineering Drawings and Graphics, Technical Drawings) no failing marks, minimum average 50%. No failed Mathematics subjects and at 45% at the very least.

Fitter and Turner

  • Finished Technical Grade 12 and taken up subjects such as Engineering or Physical Science, and English as well as related trade subjects (eg, Mechano Turning, Fitting and Turning) and another trade-relevant subject (eg, Engineering Graphics and Drawings, Technical Drawings). No failed marks and grades at a minimum of 50%. Mathematics subjects must be at least 45%.
  • N3 level qualified and taken Engineering Science, plus trade relevant subjects mentioned above, no failed marks and within 50%. No failed Mathematics subjects and at  least 40%. English subjects average to at least 50%.
  • N4-N6 certification with Engineering or Physical Science subjects. Must have taken trade-relevant subjects (eg, Mechano Technology, Fitting and Turning) and requisite additional trade-relevant subject required. No failed marks; plus Mathematics must be at least at 40% and Grade 12 English at 50%.
  • Finished NCV Level 4 certification and taken up English, Engineering or Physical Science subjects. Must have taken any of the required trade-relevant subjects with no failed marks and within the minimum 50%. Must have taken up Mathematics subjects, all passed and within the 45% threshold.

How to Apply

  • Qualified applicants can head to the company website and register by filling out the online CV.
  • Once the online CV had been accomplished, applicants will be able to search for an apprenticeship program
  • Applicants will also be required to answer a job specific questionnaire

Get access to the online registration page by clicking on the link below:


Be sure to fill in the CV and answer the questionnaire correctly as applicants can only apply ONCE!

Opening and Closing Dates

The Fitter and Turner apprentice as well as the Boilermaker program in ongoing and will be open until 31 October 2018.

Contact Information

Click here to learn more about ArcelorMittal by visiting their homepage.

For further enquiries, call 087 351 2263.

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