BMW South Africa Internship Programme 2020

BMW South Africa is one of the major players in the country’s high-end auto and auto parts export sector. Its expansion in 1993 led BMW to become the first automaker to launch a large scale export operation. This makes BMW SA a significant contributor to the nation’s economic stability.

Plant Rosslyn, the German carmaker’s first production plant outside of Europe, was built in 1973. Located in Pretoria, Plant Rosslyn now markets and builds BMW motor vehicles, as well as offers financing services. Included in their product offerings are the BMW MINI series and BMW motorcycles. The plant is currently supported by a 3,000-strong workforce.

The BMW Group then looked to Midrand, a thriving, bustling business district where corporate giants such as Neotel, Vodacom and Microsoft are headquartered. BMW SA is headquartered in Midrand, which is also called the National Sales Company. This facility employs about 600 associates assigned in various fields such as Business Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. By 2019, the Headquarters will be joined by the IT section and Financial Services section.

BMW SA Internship Programme 2020

BMW SA is accepting students who are looking to acquire first-hand working experience by way of a short-term internship or assignment. They offer flexible student programmes that can provide essential insights into the wide range of job fields that comprise the company. The internship programme also presents a good opportunity to find out more about the company’s technology, people, culture, best practices and processes.

Successful candidates can look forward to being able to apply what they have learned in an actual working environment where their knowledge can be enhanced. BMW SA internships are also a great way to develop teamwork and interpersonal skills that are normally acquired in a professional working environment. Plus, having a BMW SA internship programme in your resume gives you a clear edge over other new graduates.

The internship provides the following:

  • Mentor support during the course of the whole internship
  • An opportunity to work on a wide range of projects
  • Learn how to handle real work responsibilities
  • A distinct opportunity to experience working for BMW and the company’s working culture

Career Opportunities

Depending on the field of expertise, interns can join any of BMW SA’s array of job fields in the areas of:

  • Aftersales
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Construction
  • Corporate Communication
  • Legal Services
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing
  • Quality
  • Risk Management
  • Production
  • Service Administration
  • Sustainability and Environment
  • Sales and Distribution

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for an internship at BMW SA, start by setting up a candidate profile at their website by submitting your applicant information. There are three ways to do this, and the first one is by getting your LinkedIn profile connected to your BMW SA application.

The second is by uploading your CV. The system will access the necessary data it needs to auto fill the corresponding fields. Make absolutely sure that the information you submit is 100% accurate. You can pause the application process at any time may to update your online resume as needed.

The third option is by manually inputting your information by accessing the online submission form. Information stored will be there for as long as you want. You can pause the application process at any time if you need to update your submitted information.

Click on the BMW SA’s online registration page to get started.

Requirements or Eligibility

The BMW SA Internship Programme is accepting applicants all year round. It is open to students taking up relevant studies at a recognized tertiary learning institution.

Opening and Closing Dates

BMW SA is accepting applications from qualified applicants all throughout the year.


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