Careers in Demand in South Africa

Finding a career to pursue is not a walk in the park. It involves knowing your strengths, aligning them to your purpose, and pairing them with what is in demand at any given moment. For these reasons, most people looking for a career to pursue often start by learning about the careers in demand. This article will discuss the careers in demand in South Africa.

Careers in demand in south africa
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According to the latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey for Q 1 of 2022 by Statistics South Africa (31st May 2021 release), there have been 37 000 more people employed in the first quarter of 2022 than in the last quarter of 2021. A follow-up report by Career Junction reveals the sectors that have driven this uptick in the job demands in the country. The sectors they name, in order from the most in-demand, include:

  • Finance
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Business Management
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Administration, Office & Support
  • Building & Construction.

The most in-demand careers in the country fall under these sectors.


In Finance, there are eight specific careers that are in high demand. These are Financial Management, Accountancy, Sales Consultancy, Sales Management, Account Management, Human Resource Management, Recruitment Consultancy, and Operations Management.

Financial Management

Companies need Financial Managers to give foresight for investing activities to maximize profits. Letsema Strategy Services, Jackie Cory Recruitment, and Intellistaff Outsourced Services are examples of companies that are currently on the lookout for Financial Managers. Additionally, more than 400 such jobs are currently available on Career Junction’s website.


Accountants help monitor the financial health of a business. Without accounting, any company will ultimately fail. Small companies can get away with minimal bookkeeping, but large companies require complex accounting. Accountant positions are available at Watershed Consulting, Filmatic Packaging Systems (Pty) Ltd, and Headhunters, among other companies.

Sales Consultancy

Sales Consultants recommend products and services to companies. They ensure that the recommended products have the highest chance of selling by catering to customer requirements. Examples of job opportunities for Sales Consultants at this time in South Africa include positions at Business Optimization Training Institute Pty Ltd, Waterfoot Consulting, and Metrofile (Pty) Ltd. Career Junction also currently has 314 such positions posted on its website.

Sales Management

Sales Managers are team leaders for sales agents. They ensure that the agents under them make sales for the products and services represented by the organization. At the moment, Sales Managers are required at companies like Old Mutual (MFC), Zimco Group, and Growth Nexus International.

Account Management

An Account Manager is also found in the Sales Department of an organization. They make sure that every other department meets the specifications required for the end product or service to meet the customers’ needs. Career Junction has about 162 open positions for Account Managers advertised on its website at this time.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Managers ensure that the company is adequately staffed and oversee the synergistic work of all its personnel. Presently, Career Junction has over 180 positions for HR Managers advertised on its website.

Recruitment Consultancy

Recruitment Consultants advise employers on how to get employees and employees on how to get employment. They act as an intermediary between the two groups. Examples of companies that need Recruitment Consultants at this time include Employ Africa, Blossom Technology Solutions, and Datafin IT Recruitment. Career Junction also currently has 349 positions for a Recruitment Consultant advertised on its website.

Operations Management

An operations manager oversees the institutional departments and functional processes of the company like accounting, human resources, acquisitions, inventory, and IT. Operations managers are currently being recruited by Westfalia Fruit, Wayne’s Electrical (Pty), and Imperial Logistics, among others.


Careers in IT are the second most sought-after careers by sector in South Africa as of June 2022. Among these careers, Software Development, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, DevOps Engineering, and Data Engineering are the most in demand.

Software Development

Software developers make applications (apps) that fulfill the needs of the end users. They use their skills in programming and graphic design to make these apps. Some of the companies that are currently looking for software developers include The Focus Group, Paracon, and Digiterra. There are currently 757 job openings for Software Developers posted on Career Junction’s website.

Business Analytics

A Business Analyst assesses a business’s data to assist other stakeholders in making informed business decisions. There are currently 318 such positions posted on Career Junction’s website.

Data Analytics

A Data Analyst collects data, interprets it, and organizes it to help with decision-making. Data Analysts are currently required by 290 companies who have advertised these job openings on Career Junction.

DevOps Engineering

A DevOps Engineer improves applications under development and maintains or updates developed applications depending on evolving needs during and after software development. DevOps Engineers are currently required by companies like Psybergate Pty Ltd, Sintrex Integration Services (Pty) Ltd, and wePlace.

Data Engineering

Data Engineers work with databases in order to organize the data they contain so that data analytics can be applied to them. They are responsible for a company’s data ecosystem. Data Engineers are currently required by companies like National Research Foundation, Bidvest Bank, and Capitec Bank, among others.

Manufacturing and Assembly: Industrial Mechanics and Productions Management

An Industrial Mechanic (or Millwright) maintains machines in industries while the Production Manager oversees, maintains, and troubleshoots processes and activities during production in a company. They are the two most in-demand careers in the Manufacturing and Assembly sectors. There are currently 42 Millwright positions and 445 Productions Manager positions posted on Career Junction.

Administration, Office & Support: Receptionist

In the Admin, Office & Support sector, a Receptionist career is most in demand. Essentially, a Receptionist greets office visitors, directs them to their destinations within the office, and alleviates their anxiety with refreshments and tabloids while they wait. Other duties may include receiving general company phone calls, managing appointments, sorting mail, and making travel plans. There are currently 45 job openings for Receptionists on Career Junction. Some companies looking for Receptionists at this time include T and T Academy, GEMS (Government Employees Medical Scheme), and Melex Industrial Sales (Pty) Ltd.

Building & Construction: Electrician

Electricians are the most sought-after professionals in Building and Construction. They install and maintain electrical components in electronic equipment or buildings. Other than these, they come to the rescue whenever electronics, lights, sockets, or switches stop working suddenly. There are 50 advertisements for Electricians on Career Junction at this time.


The most in-demand careers in South Africa in 2022 so far are Financial Management, Accountancy, Sales Consultancy, Sales Management, Account Management, Human Resource Management, Recruitment Consultancy, Operations Management, Software Development, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, DevOps Engineering, Data Engineering, Industrial Mechanics, Productions Management, a Receptionist career and a career as an Electrician.

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