Distell Careers and Vacancies

Having a career with Distell might seem like a bad idea at the moment given the current situation with our country and the alcohol ban however, this is a career opportunity that you do not want to miss out on as Distell can help you create a career and even a business that you can take all over the world.

This is a global business that have roots in South Africa. It produces and markets a diverse portfolio of award-winning alcoholic brands that have been crafted and created by extraordinary people across the world. To name just a few of the brands that they manage: Amarula, Savanna, Hunter’s dry, Durbanville Hills, Nederburg and more.Careers in Distell

Looking at the financial future of people, Distell’s approach is to invest in communities where they have a visible business presence with a focus on arts and culture, education as well as skills development linked to a job creation as well as helps with heritage assets.

Overall, this is a great business that you want to work with as they will help you grow in your career as well as give you the skills that you need to succeed in life. Let us take a look into where you apply and who can apply for any job vacancies that might be present at the moment in Distell.

How to apply for Jobs at Distell?

If you are interested in working with Distell, all you need to do is go to the link below and type in what type of career you are looking for and the area that you are living in. If they do not have a match, you can see what jobs are available at the moment or let them know that you want to be notified about a job when it opens up. Click the link below to apply for jobs.


Eligible applicants who wish to apply will need to prepare the following support documents: Keep in mind, some of the other jobs might need a diploma/degree in order for you to apply. Make sure you check the paperwork that is required for you to apply before you apply.

  • Motivational or cover letter
  • Comprehensive CV
  • Academic records, including Grade 12 results (certified copy)
  • Letter from the tertiary institution
  • Format for evaluation as required by the tertiary school
  • Certified true copies of identity documents

Who can apply?

Distell does not only offer jobs as a whole but also offer internships. These internships help you understand what a job requires from you as well as provides you with the experience that you are going to need to apply for jobs at a later stage. In general, their internships last a year and if you do a good job, you never know, they might offer you a permanent job and allow you to become part of their business team.

They offer jobs in departments such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Sales Manager
  • Cellar Controller
  • Sales Consultant
  • Field Sales Consultant
  • Assistant RTD maker-winemaker and lots more.

Keep in mind that if they do not have a job available in the department that you are looking for at the moment, you can leave your details and they will contact you once a job has become available.

Latest Distell Vacancies