FNB Careers and Vacancies

FNB is a leading South African bank managed by First Rand Group. It offers great work opportunities to people who wish to work within the banking sector and is a place where employees can make a real difference to the business and to their careers. At FNB, employees are a priority as they influence the overall growth of the company. Here are some of the benefits to expect with FNB careers:

  • Rewarding Relationships

Working in FNB offers many opportunities to collaborate and network with multidisciplinary teams, learn from colleagues constantly, and experience leadership.

  • Challenging and Motivating Work

The challenges employees meet will help them grow in their FNB careers. There are many opportunities to get involved with projects outside one’s field to get exposed to new ideas and people.

  • Opportunities to Make a Difference

Employees can make a difference by coming up with new projects and ideas. If an employee thinks of a unique concept, the employee may get a chance to work on it. Employees can even partner with a team to implement the idea.

  • Flexible Conditions

The bank encourages employees to play with their strengths. They want employees to realize their potentials instead of feeling boxed in.

  • Focus on Well-Being and Health

FNB has an on-site gym, creche, and wellness centre at the main campus to help employees look after all aspects of their well-being and health.

  • Ongoing Opportunities for Development

FNB has ready resources to help employees with professional development. They offer knowledge-sharing opportunities, development programmes, and even bursaries.

  • Inspiring Working Environment

FNB’s work environment taps into and unleashes human greatness by inspiring spaces that support idea sharing and collaboration along with individual work.

  • Time-Off

The company’s leave policies are very generous. They base these on employee tenure and outstanding contributions to the company.

  • Great Banking Deals

All of the employees receive the same excellent service as FNB’s clients so that they can consider themselves part of the company as employees and clients.

Vacancies at FNB

Employees at FNB know that the work they do presents them with many challenges to enable them to move forward professionally. They establish professional relationships and there are plenty of opportunities for innovation and growth. This can only equate to extraordinary FNB careers. For applicants to work at this bank, they can follow these steps to apply.

Visit the FNB Careers Page

Only applicants who go through the FNB Careers Page will get considered. Even if an applicant sees vacancies advertised in other places, they should apply through the official site. No applications outside this process will get considered.

Create Your Account

To apply, the applicant should create an account. The process of signing up is free and simple. Applicants should complete the required information accurately before looking for FNB vacancies.

Browse FNB Jobs

The FNB career site allows applicants to search for jobs by field, franchise, country, and more. They can also view the requirements of the job and other relevant information. There are FNB vacancies in the following categories:

  • Actuarial
  • Audit
  • Collections
  • Credit
  • Data and analytics
  • Facilities and hospitality
  • Finance
  • Graduate programme
  • Health
  • Human capital
  • Investments
  • Legal, risk, & compliance
  • Marketing and communication
  • Process, operations, and admin
  • Procurement
  • Product
  • Quantitative
  • Quants and analytics
  • Sales and client services
  • Specialised finance
  • Support services
  • Technology
  • Traders
  • Transactors

Within each of these categories, applicants will find job openings like:

  • Applications Database Administrator
  • Business Analyst C2
  • Database Administrator C
  • Financial Accountant
  • Graduate Quantitative Analyst
  • Head of Export Credit Agency and Insurance
  • Journalist
  • Private Banking Analyst D
  • Process and Risk Team Lead C
  • Project Accountant C
  • PW Private Banker Wealthy C
  • Quantitative Analyst C
  • Quantitative Analyst II
  • Regulatory Risk Specialist Head B
  • Solutions Specialist

When an applicant finds a job they’re qualified for, they can click the “Apply Now” button then follow the prompts.