Shoprite Careers and Vacancies

The Shoprite Group is the largest private-sector employer in South Africa at the moment and is a leading employer in Africa as a whole. Working with Shoprite can open up a lot of doors for you if you choose to work with the company.

Shoprite is over 40 years old and they made a promise to bring the lowest prices in quality food and essential home goods to its customers. This promise that they made over 40 years ago is the very foundation of their business hand has helped fuel the growth in becoming Africa’s largest grocery retailer.

At this very moment, Shoprite has over 500 stores and over 20 million loyal customers across the continent. When it comes to Shoprite careers, one of their commitments to their employees includes recognition for those who go the extra mile by offerings skills development programmes that can help the employee grow within the company.

Let’s take a look at who can apply for a job, how you can do this, and some of the jobs and programs they offer.


Who can apply for Shoprite Vacancies?

Almost anyone can apply for a job vacancy at Shoprite. Each job has its own requirements so you just need to look at which job you would like to apply for as well as what the requirements are.


What Careers do Shoprite offer?

Work at the offices:

They offer a range of career opportunities at their various divisional offices around Africa. Due to the pandemic, they also offer Home Office departments in Cape Town at the moment which is nice because you can still earn money whilst working from home.

Work at the stores:

There are a lot of job offers in the stores themselves. They offer jobs in the following departments: food, furniture, financial and cellular retailing. To apply send a WhatsApp message to 0872405709 and select Job Opportunities or you can follow the link below to apply online.

Bursary Opportunities:

They offer finance study assistance in the fields of accounting, logistics, information technology, retail business management and more.

Graduate programs:

If you have just finished and are a grad student, they offer programmes to help you gain valuable work experience across the range of departments.


Latest Shoprite Vacancies


How can you apply for the jobs at Shoprite?

If you want to apply for a job at Shoprite, or you wish to apply for one of their financial study assistance programs, all you need to do is click on the link below, click on one of the options on the site and apply.

Some of the job opportunities allow you to apply by sending a message to the WhatsApp number as listed above or you can go online, select the department you wish to work for and apply via online. They will review your profile and get back to you with their answer.

You can also go into the relevant stores near you and apply for jobs directly in the store.