CSIR Internship Programme

November 18, 2018

South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, or CSIR, is a world-class scientific research and development institution. It is one of the largest research, implementation and development institutions in the African continent. They receive close to 10% of the whole African research and development budget.

The Council endeavors in directed research and technological advancement across multiple disciplines with the aim to improve the quality of life of South African population.

The CSIR was established in 1945 by an Act of Parliament and now has close to 3,000 scientific and technical researchers, usually working in various, multi-disciplinary teams.

The CSIR Internship Programme

The internship programme offered by the CSIR is geared towards new graduates in need of working experience gained from a research environment. The internship lasts for 12 months and gives candidates the opportunity to develop important research skills under the expert guidance of professionals.

Successful interns will be given a monthly stipend and short-course informal training through CILLA.  Moreover, they will have access to a mentor an

Career Options

As South Africa’s premiere research center, there is a plethora of career paths to follow, and the CSIR is always looking for the best and the brightest to join their ranks. Depending on the study (science, technology, engineering and math) and upon completion of the 12-month internship, the successful candidate may apply in the following fields:

  • Natural Sciences (e.g. oceanographer, statistician, Chemist, etc.)
  • Engineering and Technology (aeronautical engineer, research scientist, materials engineer, etc)
  • Social Sciences and Economics (political scientist, transport economist, behavioural scientist)

Once accepted into the programme, interns are entitled to the following:

  • Monthly stipend
  • Short courses through CILLA
  • Mentorship
  • Work on projects that benefit the lives of the South African people

Requirements or Eligibility

Listed below are the CSIR’s minimum requirements to qualify for an internship:

  • Fresh graduates in engineering, technology, and science looking to gain working experience in their related fields
  • A fresh graduate of BEng, BSc, or BSc Honour degree in Engineering and Technology, or Science

How to Apply

Internship offers are announced throughout the year on their website. Click here to check for availability.

Contact Information

Want to find out more about the internship programmes offered by the CSIR? Send an email to or dial 012 841 2665 to learn more.


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