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CTP Printers Graduate Programme 2019

January 13, 2019

Based in Cape Town, CTP Printers is an independent publishing and printing solutions company utilizing the latest in printing technology to produce high quality publications in printed media. This publication company is focused in the sustained development of production teams that works well with the company’s sales and marketing techniques. In order to attract more skilled personnel CTP Printers is now accepting applicants for its Graduate Programme for the year 2019.

CTP Printers started out as a simple stationery and printing store in 1902 by two Pretoria-based businessmen Edward Green and William Gindra. The fledgling company was first named as Caxton which later on bought CTP in 1985. The various companies acquired by Caxton were later consolidated under the CTP name.

CTP Graduate Programme 2019

CTP Printers is calling on qualified individuals to send their applications for its graduate programme for the year 2019. This 12-month, paid internship is essentially a rotational programme where interns will gain exposure to the various facets of the business operation under the supervision of Senior Management. The interns will then take on a more specific role, still under the guidance of Senior Management.

Career Options

Interns who successfully complete the internship may be given a permanent position within CTP pending a thorough assessment of their performance.

Requirements or Eligibility

The CTP Printers Graduate Programme requires applicants to have obtained a degree in:

  • B Tech by 1 January 2019
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Business Economics
  • Industrial Engineering

In addition, applicants must have the following skill

  • Good with numbers
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Able to communicate well
  • Good analytical skills
  • Knows how to use MS Office programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook

How to Apply

Those who meet the minimum qualifications and are interested to apply will need to submit their CV, academic records or any proof of course completion, motivation letter and results. Click on the link below to submit your documents:

Open and Closing Dates

CTP Printers will be accepting applications until the programme will be accepted until a closing date is announced.

Contact Information

If you require more information about the company, copy the link provided below and paste it in on your browser.

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