Department of Small Business Development Internship 2019

March 25, 2019

The South African government’s Department of Small Business Development is opening applications for its various internship programme offerings for the 2019 academic year. Established in 2014, the DBSD aims to develop Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises and Cooperatives to be the nation’s center of economic growth and job generation.

DBSD Internship Programmes for 2019

The DBSD offers various internship programmes for a number of disciplines and specializations. To date, it has current openings for individuals involved in the following areas of specialization:

Information and Communication Technology Internship

  • Based in Pretoria
  • Annual stipend equivalent to R98,204
  • Duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to:
    • Providing technical support in ICT business empowerment and governance services
    • Providing knowledge and information on management services

Communications and Marketing

  • Based in Pretoria
  • Annual stipend equal to R98,204
  • Duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to:
    • Conduct internal and external communications
    • Gain experience in Brand and Events Management Services
    • Exposure in Hot Line and Call Centre Services
    • Learn Language and Content Management, Media Liaisons, and Media Liaison Services, and a lot more

Internal Audit Internship

  • Based in Pretoria
  • Annual stipend amounting to R98, 204
  • As an internal audit intern, the selected applicant will gain experience in:
    • Planning and conducting internal audits
    • Compiling an audit programme based on risk assesment
    • Preparing audit papers
    • Compiling and submitting risk identification on time
    • Manage stakeholder input and give feedback on audit reports
    • Work with external consultants

Administrative Internship

  • Annual stipend amounting to R98,204
  • Based in Pretoria
  • Selected interns will acquire experience in:
    • Policy development, interpretation and implementation
    • Developing and conducting research
    • Interact with internal and external stakeholders as needed
    • Providing assistance in facilitating business and departmental unit projects
    • Developing and maintaining database
    • Providing general office tasks when needed

Food Service Aid Internship

  • Based in Pretoria
  • Annual stipend amounting to R115, 437
  • Runs for a duration of 24 months
  • Duties and responsibilities include:
    • Provide food service functions in line from food preparation, distribution, to serving
    • Conduct administrative functions related to food services
    • Report broken or malfunctioning equipment
    • Place orders, receive, store and manage stock according to policy

Requirements or Eligibility

Listed below are the minimum requirements for each of the internship programmes currently being offered by DSBD:

Information and Communication Technology Internship

  • Completed a three-year Degree or National Diploma in IT, Information Systems, Informatics or any related study with an NQF Level 6/7 recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)
  • Excellent academic record
  • Good leadership skills
  • Has participated in community programmes

Communications and Marketing Internship

  • Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing or any related Communications and Marketing at NQF Level 6/7 duly recognized by the SAQA
  • Good leadership skills
  • Outstanding academic record
  • Participated in Community Outreach Programmes

Internal Audit Internship

  • Completed a three-year study (Degree or National Diploma) in Accounting or Auditing, duly accredited by SAQA

Administrative Internship

  • Completed a three-year study (Degree or National Diploma) Economics or any related discipline, Developmental Studies such as LED, NQF Level 6/7 M&E qualification, all duly recognized by SAQA

Food Service Aid Internship

  • Completed at least Grade 10 or its equivalent (NQF Level 3)
  • Food service experience of at least one year
  • Computer literate
  • Familiar with safety, hygienic and food preparation procedures
  • Able to work in shifting schedules

How to Apply

Qualified and interested applicants may apply by downloading the application form (Z83 Form). The application form can be obtained from any government office.

Make sure the following supporting documents will be sent together with the application form:

  • Comprehensive CV
  • Certified copies of academic record, matric certificate, ID documents
  • Include two (2) character references with contact numbers

Download the DSBD Application Form by clicking here.


  • Be sure to clearly indicate the internship programme and reference number
  • Do no forget to sign the application form
  • Background checks will be conducted

Check the internship programme’s reference number as well as other important details about the DSBD Internship Programmes by clicking here.

Send all applications by post to:

The Registry Office
Department of Small Business Development
Private Bag X672, Pretoria 0001

or hand deliver it to:

Block G, The dti Campus
77 Meintjies Street
Sunnyside, Pretoria

Opening and Closing Date

Deadline for submission of applications is on 1 April 2019.

No application will be considered beyond the deadline.

Consider the application as unsuccessful if no feedback has been received three months after the deadline.

Contact Information

For enquiries regarding the DSBD Internship Programme, call these telephone numbers:

(012) 394 5286 / 43097 / 41440

Visit the DSBD website at

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