Eko Tracks Internship: Park & Wildlife Management

October 19, 2018

Eko Tracks is a venture founded by Werner Dörgeloh. Born and raised in Namibia, he studied and practiced wildlife management in South Africa for 20 years. He also earned this experience through teaching and research. He is a teacher at a university in North Carolina and encourages the study abroad programs to Namibia. Moreover, his valuable expertise of traveling southern Africa and his exceptional knowledge of the African savanna and its wildlife is an asset for the company. The extraordinary knowledge about the areas in Africa helps in providing the tours best suitable for the customers.

Eko Tracks works with a mission to provide the best experience to its customers. It also offers a variety of Eco tours which include of unmatched adventure. The company provides expertise concerning their interest in the natural world.

The design and selection of tours is done by Dr. Dörgeloh (Ph.D. Wildlife Management) to provide the best experience to the customers. The knowledge of Africa that Dr. Dörgeloh has as well as the assistance of professional guides will help you to get the best experience of the destination you are visiting. Eko Tracks also educate its customer about the wildlife and its principles to raise awareness among the visitors. It also helps in raising awareness about the conservation of natural resources.

Internship Project Activities

Eko tracks internship programme is all about research with a focus on wildlife management, conservation, ecology, biodiversity, park management, and marine conservation. This internship programme also helps in gaining valuable work experience on Balule Game Reserve in the greater Kruger National Park. It also allows you to work with highly experienced field guides which include the collection of data and research. The research done later helps in taking valuable decisions. The study benefits the income generated funding and biodiversity surveys of the region. The activities include:

  1. Initial orientation- It provides camp schedules, operations safety procedures, reserves and regulation to make students comfortable with the environment.
  2. Bush craft training- It instructs the trainees on how to collect data and carry on research projects. It also includes animal and tree identification, animal behavior, dealing with potentially dangerous games. GPS and GIS techniques are also taught to the trainees.
  3. Research Projects –
    • Predators: It includes monitoring habitat utilization and populations of leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, lions, cheetahs, and caracals using camera traps, tracking, surveying, and kill sites.
    • Biodiversity: Data collection and analysis of animal species, assisting management, monitoring the effects of fire management, elephant damage, climate change, and alien plants.
    • Conservation: Receive hands-on experience in research methodologies. It also includes assisting research coordinators in survey techniques like cyber track GIS project using high tech PDA’s.
  4. Practical reserve work (15%) erosion control, road maintenance, bush clearing.

Interns will get assignments and work responsibilities based on their skills and interest. Interns should be flexible to do fieldwork effectively. Please note that there is no guarantee for all events because some of the activities are seasonal.

Requirements and Eligibility

  1. Interns will have to work 5-6 days a week and 8 hours a day. They may have to work longer also which depends on research requirements and during emergencies.
  2. Any person with a genuine love for nature and the outdoors can apply.
  3. Physically fit and healthy candidates as physical work is also the part of the programme.

Accommodation and Stay

Interns will stay at Rusermi Camp in Balule game Reserve. It also has Olifants River where hippo, giraffe, elephants, buffalo, lions and other species come on a regular basis. Food is provided to the interns and they will prepare their meals and packed lunch when working in the field.

Application Process

The projects run throughout the year. Therefore, interns have to book a minimum period of two weeks. Moreover, the booking dates are flexible. Your booking will get confirmed once we receive your pre-booking request.

The company will also provide you pre-departure field guide for trip preparation. You also need to pay the full payment two months before the programme starts.

How to Apply

You can submit the Application form using the link below:

Provide your details asked in the Application form and click on Submit button once done.

Internship Cost

The price for 2019 is:

  • Two weeks: US $1,450
  • One month: US $2,000
  • 1.5 Months: US $2,600
  • 2 Months: US $3,200
  • 2.5 Months: US $3,800
  • 3 Months: US $4,400
  • Deposits: US $500

Price is inclusive of :

  1. Transportation from the Hoedspruit Airport to the camp and return
  2. Accommodation and three meals a day
  3. On-site supervision and support of field staff
  4. Project placement and management fee
  5. All project components and field activities
  6. Training manuals; use of PDA’s, GIS software, research equipment and textbooks

Price is exclusive of:

  1. International round trip airfare to Hoedspruit, South Africa
  2. Compulsory travel, medical and evacuation insurance
  3. Immunizations
  4. Communication, e.g. phone calls
  5. Personal expenses
  6. Optional private travel excursions and adventure activities.

So, apply early with the deposits to book your seat.

Arrival and Departures Dates

The programme is starting and ending on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Eko tracks also provide transport arrangement for the transfer of the interns from the Hoedspruit Airport (HDS) outside the town of Hoedspruit.

Group of interns will reach the reserve by 3:00 pm. Interns will be dropped off at the Hoedspruit Airport by 10:30 am for their return flight. Also note that departure flights are booked only after 11:30 am.

Contact Information

For further information contact:

Eko Tracks (200 Wild Cherry Drive Apex, NC 27523, USA)

Phone 919-234-7906 and 919-800-8514


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