FASSET Bursary Programme 2019 – 2020 | Online Application

The Finance and Accounting Services and Training Authority (or FASSET) works with public and private organizations in developing and training in both the financial and and accounting sector. They offer the FASSET Bursary Programme which is designed to aggressively promote professionalism and development of the industry. Fasset also aims to make the South African finance and accounting sector world class and a dynamic and exciting industry for professional growth to learners and new graduates.

Fasset is concentrated on the financial and accounting sector due to the fact that finance and accounting field industry is the largest employer of financial, management, accounting and auditing professionals. Case in point, the industry alone employs a total of over 135,000 people.

Fasset Accounting Bursary Programme

Fasset offers a variety of bursary programmes that allows it to work with universities and technological universities. These tertiary education institutions are recognized by the DHET to make sure bursars are fully funded in order to complete their qualifications. This improves the graduates’ chances of getting internships, learnerships, or full time employment later on.

The FASSET bursary programme was started in 2000. It is designed to as a full bursary programme and will cover all school-related expenses. The bursary programme is awarded to students pursuing finance and accounting-related degree.

Career Options

The FASSET Bursary Scheme requires its graduates to acquire employment in the fields of finance, accounting, management, consulting, and other financial services prescribed by the programme.

Requirements or Eligibility

FASSET requires aspiring bursars to meet these minimum entry criteria before sending in their application:

  • A South African citizen with a valid ID number
  • Completed matriculation
  • In the second to the last year or final year of study
  • Pursuing studies in any of the disciplines prescribed by the programme
  • Studying in a prescribed tertiary educational institution
  • Students in accounting must have obtained at least level 6 in Mathematics while in matric
  • Must be able to meet admission requirements of the chosen university
  • Proven financial incapacity (annual family income of R123,000 to R300,000)

How to Apply

If you meet the basic requirements, you can go about the application process in several ways.

First is by going to the CareerWise website and registering an account. Thereafter, you will be able fill out the online application form. Click here to get started.

Once there, click on the “Application” button on the right side of the page. Scroll halfway down the page then choose “Online Application”.

Second is by downloading and accomplishing the FASSET Bursary Programme application form. The link to the form is provided below.

FASSET Bursary Programme Application form

Once completely filled out, you can email the application form to:


or fax it to 086 609 7183

It can also be sent by post to:

CareerWise (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 30632

Whether you’re sending the application form via email, fax, or post, make sure the following documents are attached accordingly:

  • certified copy of your ID
  • for students currently in matric, their Grade 11 results
  • passport size ID photo
  • certificate of matric for graduates
  • certificate of admission to a tertiary level institution
  • for tertiary students, their updated academic record

Make sure all required documents are uploaded or attached. Do not submit original copies. Failure to follow instruction may result

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Contact Information

For further enquiries about the FASSET Bursary Programme, contact CareerWise at:

Tel: 086 100 8777, 086 100 7787

Email: applications@careerwise.co.za

Opening and Closing Dates

The FASSET Bursary Programme is accepting applications all year round through CareerWise.

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