Forklift Training | Lift Truck Training Course in South Africa

Are you looking for a forklift training course in South Africa? Do you want to earn a handy amount for yourself and your family?

If yes, we are here to help you explore various institutes in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town.


What is a Forklift

A forklift or lift truck is a motorized machine that transports heavy loads over short distances on a building site.


The machine was developed by several enterprises in the early twentieth century, including Clark (built transmission) and Yale and Towne manufacturers (developed hoist)

Because it cannot be mishandled, a person can operate a globally used vehicle after appropriate training.

It is not a mainstream ambition to be a forklift driver, but it is a good earning source. A forklift driver can earn 4700 ZAR TO 14900 ZAR per month. All you need is proper training and certification/ licensing.

There are seven classes of forklifts with various unique features.

Class 1: Electric motor rider trucks

Class 2: Electric motor narrow aisle trucks

Class 3: Electric motor hand or Hand-rider trucks

Class 4: Internal combustion engine trucks- Cushion tires

Class 5: Internal combustion engine trucks- Pneumatic tires

Class 6: Electric and internal combustion engine tractors

Class 7: Rough terrain forklift trucks


Forklift Licensing

There are online as well as physical courses of forklift operators training. You can choose any of them to be a licensed vehicle driver.


OSHA Approved Licensing Requirements:

There are some legislative standards of OSHA-approved licensing for forklift operators.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential requirement
  • Knowledge of safety rules and safety procedures
  • Practical training should take place in a safe environment where other employees are not at risk.
  • After every three-year refresher training must be repeated
  • A proof of forklift certification is required for operators who have passed the evaluation.
  • Only the well-trained and experienced operators can give training to freshers.


Course Registration Procedure

You have to follow these six simple steps to begin your course.

  1. Choose the types of forklift you want to operate
  2. Enroll yourself in that specific training course
  3. Attend your lectures carefully
  4. Pass your examination
  5. Go for practical handling of the forklift truck
  6. Final evaluation

If you pass the exam, you will be given a forklift certificate that needs renewal every two years.

Let’s explore the various institutes that are offering forklift training programs.

 Forklift Training In South Africa

Forklift Training in Pretoria

Andrick Training and Project school

  • Five days training program
  • Price: R 1500
  • Free accommodation and free job assistance after training
  • No qualification is required.
  • Age limit: must be above 18

Denotes Training Institute

  • Price: R 3000
  • Five days training program
  • Free accommodation and free job assistance after training
  • Get in touch: +27613395181

 Mitana Training Consultants

  • Registered by OSHA
  • Price: R 750
  • Five days training program
  • Get in touch:

Besides this, some other institutes are also there to provide training courses like Excavator operator training school and Wheelset academy of machine operators.


Forklift Training in Johannesburg

Heights and Safety Training Centre in Johannesburg

  • Offers five days of training for freshers. Trainers having experience can be trained in shorter periods.
  • Training is being provided in codes F1-F4
    • Code F1- Up to 3 tonnes of rated capacity
    • Code F2- Up to 7 tonnes of rated capacity
    • Code F3- Up to 15 tonnes of rated capacity
    • Code F4- Up to 15 tonnes of rated capacity
  • Renewal of the certificate takes about one day
  • 3-5 full days training at your construction site
  • Costs R 850 per person
  • For further details contact at or

Diversity Technology Training Institute

  • Registered with department of education
  • Accredited with various SETAs and Department of Labour
  • 5-6 days program duration
  • Price: R 1000
  • Free accommodation during training
  • Job assistance after completion of training services
  • Issues certificate and driving license after completion
  • Contact details: email to: 

 Adan’s training center Booysens Johannesburg

  • Accredited with Construction Education Training Authority
  • Program duration: 2 weeks
  • Price: R 1600
  • Certificates issuance on request
  • Contact details:

Contact any of these institutes to get your licensing done.


Forklift Training in Cape Town

Anchor industries Cape Town branch

  • ISO certified, registered LME, LEEA member, accredited training provider
  • Five days course with practical and theoretical modules
  • The course can be delivered at client’s premises on request
  • Certification in forklift operation upon completion
  • Contact at: mailto:

 M&J Operators Training Centers

  • Reasonable pricing
  • New session from 20/9/2021
  • One week training
  • Costs R 1500
  • Certified forklift training course
  • Accredited with Teta, Ceta, Merseta, Mqa, DEPT. of labor, we are BBBEE Level 2 company.
  • Contact at 0218395671 for further details.

Perfect Choice Training (pty) Ltd

  • Accredited with transport education training authority (TETA)
  • Registered with Department of Labour as well as Department of Transport
  • Price: R 900
  • Contact at:


Benefits of Forklift Training

Training is mandatory for forklift operators because

  • Minimize the risk of accidents in the work area
  • Guarantees safe operating techniques
  • Accidents in the working sites affect the production levels, so well trained operators to save money
  • According to the legislation, it is required.
  • A safer work environment is ensured


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What should I do if my personnel undergo training, but accidents continue to occur?

Refresher training in pertinent topics is required when an operator has been engaged in an accident or a near-miss incident.

Q: What do you think OSHA will attain as a result of better operator training?

At the construction site, OSHA will guarantee that both the driver and the workers are safe. Although OSHA does not provide certification, it does require that every forklift operator be certified. Excellent training programs have numerous benefits, including reduced property loss, reduced product damage, and reduced life hazards.



It would be best if you now understood the significance of forklift operator training courses. It is required for someone who wishes to work as a forklift driver.

It ensures the operator’s and his coworkers’ safety. Nothing is more valuable than a person’s life; hence safety is the first and foremost need on a building site.

There are several institutes offering training courses in South Africa. Get yourself registered today.

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