French Embassy Master’s and PhD Full Scholarship Programme 2019 – 2020

December 20, 2018

The French embassy in South Africa is inviting qualified  individuals who would be interested in pursuing their PhD or Master’s degree (school year 2019 -20) through a full scholarship. The programme accepts applications from students taking any academic studies, particularly in the field of science and technology. This programme is made possible through the cooperation of South Africa and France in an effort to create and promote gainful relationships between their universities.

French Embassy PhD and Master’s Scholarship Programme 2019-2020

The French Embassy is offering a scholarship programme that will allow students to further their tertiary studies at Master level in a university located in France. Students who have completed a three-year course are eligible to apply for an M1 level Master’s degree. Applicants who have finished a four-year/honours degree study are qualified to apply for an M2 level Master’s degree.

A full master’s degree scholarship will cover the following:

  • tuition fee for the whole school year ( must not exceed 5,000 euros)
  • health insurance coverage
  • round-trip airfare
  • any Schengen visa fees
  • 767-euro monthly allowance

A Phd scholarship offers the the following coverage:

  • Round-trip air tickets
  • Monthly stipend amounting to 1065 euros
  • Schengen visa fees
  • health and social security insurance

It is important to note that the programme may be awarded as much as possible to be able to accommodate more students in need of funding opportunities. A student who has access to another funding programme and openly declares it so has more chances of being chosen for the programme. For the 2017 to 2018 school year, 45 students received support from the programme as they pursue their masteral and Phd degrees. Some of the scholars will push forward with their  studies in the following year in  French Higher Education institutions, while there are others who will return home as France Alumni ambassadors to use their acquired skills for the benefit of South Africa. 

Requirements and Eligibility

Listed below are the programme’s minimum requirements:

For master’s degree students:

  • A South African or Lesotho citizen
  • Admission to any of the three French universities prescribed by the programme
  • Applicant must present proof of admission to any of the prescribed by the programme
  • Excellent English speaking skills
  • All academic disciplines are supported although preference  will be given to science and technology (environment and biodiversity, transport, energy, political and social sciences, among others)     

For PhD scholars:

  • Registered for PhD studies in a South African university
  • Must have obtained a hosting arrangement from the French institution
  • Letters from French co-supervisor and South African supervisor indicating support for the proposed research project
  • Applications from all studies are accepted
  • Although being able to speak French is not a requirement, the student must be able to carry out the research in English

How to Apply

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are expected to strictly follow the application process as required by the programme.

IMPORTANT: All required documents must be clearly marked and are to be submitted only in PDF format (scanned or saved) and sent via email to pretoria.bourses@campusfrance.org

  • Fully accomplished and signed application form
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts and degree certificates (both complete and incomplete qualifications), arranged in chronological order according to completion date
  • Curriculum vitae (must not exceed two (2) pages)
  • A motivation letter (must not exceed two (2) pages)
  • Letters of acceptance from three French academic institutions or proof of correspondence showing that the application process had been initiated (for master’s degree scholars)
  • For PhD scholars, an outline of the research project
  • Website links to your chosen three academic institutions showing the fees (for master’s degree scholars)
  • Letter of support from a supervisor in South Africa (for PhD scholars)
  • Letter of Invitation from a supervisor in France (Phd scholars)
  • Proof of admission in a South African university (PhD scholars)

Download the masteral student’s scholarship application form by clicking the link below: 

French Embassy Masteral Scholarship Application Form

Download the PhD Scholarship form via the link below:

French Embassy PhD  Scholarship Application Form

Opening and Closing Dates

The French Embassy Master’s Scholarship Programme is accepting applications until 15 March 2019.

Their Phd scholarship programme accepts applications all year round. 

Contact Information

For more details about the scholarship programmes and educational institutions in France, send an email  pretoria.bourses@campusfrance.org

Find more information here:

French Embassy Master’s Scholarship Programme Advvert

French Embassy PdD  Scholarship Programme Advert

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