Guide to Access Your UNISA Study Materials

Getting registered at UNISA every semester is always exciting. You look forward to accessing your new study material, checking when assignments are due, and generally anticipating learning a new subject.

Whether you are a new student or have passed several subjects already, navigating your myUnisa account is vital to your new learning curve. Access online study materials, get your textbooks sorted, and prepared yourself for success for your short course or degree with your personal account.

Don’t wait for the post to deliver the study guides

You don’t need to wait for the post to deliver study materials in hard copy to your door. UNISA is a major correspondence university that services students across the globe.

All those students who have successfully met registration requirements, may access their account and retrieve their study downloads from their personal myUnisa study account.

Letters, study guides, tests, and assignments can all be read online, downloaded or delivered through this portal. The convenience of this portal is key to offering students a handy method to support their studies throughout the year.

You’ve successfully registered for your modules

Students won’t be in a position to access online-only study aids until they have registered for specific courses and completed fee payments. Only those who have offline modules may retrieve study work online.

Once all the basics are complete, you can then login to your myUnisa account to retrieve complementary study aids to augment the learning experience.

Gain quick admission to myUnisa login

Once allocated a student number and fees are up to date, you may access your myUnisa student account. Copy and paste this URL into the search engine:

Register to enable your email account at myLife by selecting the “Claim Unisa Login” option on this page if you haven’t yet had the time to establish a UNISA email address.

The page at this URL further delivers a resource to replace your password should this have been mislaid or forgotten.

Locating and retrieval of requisite study material

Locate the MyModules link. This is situated at the top of the screen once logged in. Look for the link named “Sites”, which is near your own name. This link is also near the top of the page, right of the device screen.

Select the star situated alongside the registered module, and for which you wish to see current study aids. Your star area will change to an orange colour, and you can then proceed to exit the “Sites” screen.

A “Reload to see your updated favourite sites” message will appear, and you can then choose the “reload” option.

Students should then clearly be able to view the chosen model, which will be visible from the navigation screen right at the top of the page

Select the module code that you wish to examine first, followed by the “Official study material” option. This option is viewed on the left side of the page’s navigation panel.

You should see available links to study aids in a PDF format. Unisa recommends that all material be downloaded on devices other than a handheld phone, as these communications display better on other devices.

Each module’s information is listed separately. If information is not yet visible, don’t panic. The absence of available module-info may simply mean staff members still have to input updates. Login to your account later in the day or the next day again.

Click the separate links to view vital information provided by the lecturer. Read through all the communications carefully. Your lecturer will provide constant updates and guidelines throughout the semester. Students will receive tutorials and study guides that can be downloaded.

All of these communications should be studied to find out what additional learning materials are needed, such as textbooks. Tutorials will include information about how to study, and which sections need to be studied to pass exams.

Assignment information is included together with submission dates, and pass rates, in conjunction with what percentage of assignments contributes to your overall pass mark for each module. Lecturers also typically provide a selection of previous exam papers to guide your studies for the 4 – 6-month duration of each semester.

Additional services provided on your myUnisa account

A helpful resource offered by the personal myUnisa account comprises the opportunity to communicate with the lecturer along with other students. The lecturer may provide regular updates, pointing to new information that has been uploaded.

Students also have a space to speak directly with their lecturers online to ask questions. Be sure to follow available threads if you don’t receive a direct response, as your lecturer may have already answered the question in another student’s thread.

Students can also post queries or offers online to join a virtual or physical study group, dependent on their physical locations. Use every resource available to you to promote your personal success. Speaking to other students can help get answers to queries quicker than your lecturers sometimes.

Supporting each other is another way to help your own learning process. Share ideas and potential exam questions and answers with each other online, to get the most out of your learning experience.

Online learning doesn’t have to be an isolated experience

Connect with other students as much as possible, particularly if you miss the engagement and stimulation of different opinions. Learning more about the challenges faced by other students will help place your own in perspective.

Speaking to other students online will also enable you to find out more about their study techniques. Perhaps these are more practical than your own, and you can use these to boost your own learning experience.

Communicating with other students also helps to relieve the sense of isolation that some may experience when studying via correspondence.

Sharing summary notes and ideas can contribute to producing better quality assignments and exam results too. Make use of all the student resources provided in your myUnisa account to add to your own success.

Building student networks

Build a student network while registered with the university. Network relationship growth is important since you may enjoy mutual professional benefits after you graduate. Moving into new jobs and environments knowing that a support network has been developed, will support your adaption.

Strong networks also have an advantage when making job applications in the future. Friends help friends in their personal lives, but student networks can aid in promoting career growth. Take advantage of this resource while it is available.

Get tips from students who have friends or family members in powerful job positions to further your ambitions. Chat with budding entrepreneurs to see what tips you can pick up.

Offer to help where possible, and your generosity is almost certain to be rewarded in kind. Improve both your academic and personal growth while at this professional institute of higher learning, because well-rounded people are self-sustaining.

Unisa is a professional distance learning university that has produced some of the most successful students in all spheres of study. Being a student at this institute is a valuable advantage to growing as a person, and as a professional.

Use all resources available to you to become a valuable member of society. Grow into an example that others can follow, so that you extend the benefits of your experience by mentoring other students in the future.

We are here to provide you an overview of all the latest internships, bursaries, apprenticeships, graduate programmes, learnerships and jobs opportunities that are available for application in South Africa.

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