How to Write Motivational Letter for Internship (With Examples)

Writing a letter to motivate your dream internship can be a daunting task. Be brave, though, because most college courses address this exact task to help you achieve success.

If you are looking at wanting to write a motivational application for yourself now, you probably just need a little refresher course and some motivation of your own. Here are some basic tips to finish up your own application, and two samples to give you direction in your new venture.

Why do you want to work at our company?

One of the primary issues that you need to address in your application is why you want to work for that specific company. We suggest you come up with something as unique as possible because you have loads of good competition.

Companies are more interested in how you can add value to them than the other way around when first starting out. Make sure your response considers this element.

Your motivational letter is your sales pitch 

Remember that your motivational letter is to motivate/persuade someone that you’re the best person for the job. Your potential employer doesn’t want a repeat of a cover letter that basically reinforces what is available in your C.V.

Your motivational letter should do what it says – and sell who you are and why you are the best intern for the position offered.

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What is your USP?

Unique Selling Proposition or USP is a statement that describes how you are different and better than the competition.

What sets you apart from the crowd? Your C.V., academic success and experience are as good as the best out there. Identify three primary requirements for the internship and work your USP into those.

Structure your internship motivational letter

Your motivational letter should include a few basics. Other than your contact details, the content should be structured to incorporate an introduction of who you are. Follow this up with your background story. Importantly, include why you’re interested in the internship.

Here are two examples of what a good motivational letter should look like.

Example 1

To: Name of the recipient organization

Your details:

First & Last Names

Phone Number

Social Media (e.g. LinkedIn)

Dear [Name of The Contact Person],


My name is John Anderson. I am interested in working at your company as a biology engineer as I have always been fascinated by the workings of the human body in conjunction with technology. My vision is to create an accessible robotic system to replace lost limbs to empower those who have been impaired. Conducting my internship at your innovative company will enable me to share my patentable technology with you to further our mutual aims.

(Body of content)

In this section, you want to inform the company of why you are the best candidate for this position. Share stories of who you are as an individual, your career successes and vision for yourself to persuade this recipient that they need look no further. Use facts and data to back up your statements to add to your persuasion. Briefly share academic and other achievements.


Write a summary of the focal points and reasons why you should be employed. Thank them for taking the time to read your letter and include the expectation of a response within a specific period, such as a month.

Yours faithfully,

Your Name

Example 2

Dear [Name of The Contact Person],


My name is Jennifer Turner. I would like to work at your company as a business intern because I am a natural innovator. I have been attracted to apply to you because we both share an interest in combining technology and innovation to create a better way of conducting business.

(Body of content)

My vision began when I did an internship for a non-profit organization. I found that their business model focused on cooperation rather than competition, as does your organization. I believe you are a forerunner in the business world for building a better business model.

Briefly share academic and other achievements.

(Follow this up with personal stories to support your assertions).


I will appreciate the opportunity to work for your organization because innovation is a catalyst for a changed future. We both believe in basic human values and how businesses can support these values rather than deprioritize them.

My skills are well suited to this position as I won the international prize for innovation. My experience at the non-profit gels with this experience and we are both already working toward shared goals and values.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you by (specify date within six weeks).

Yours faithfully,

Your Name

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