IBM Digital Nation Africa Internship

October 4, 2018

Digital-Nation Africa, or D-NA  is IBM’s $70 million initiative that provides a cloud-based learning and enablement platform for imparting digital competency and cultivating technological innovation in Africa. It offers skills development programs at no cost to young Africans.

The project is part of IBM’s effort to build and promote the next generation of tech skills for what they call “New Collar” careers. This is a term used by IBM to describe new kinds of jobs that require technical expertise data science, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud, blockchain, and more.

IBM saw the need for a higher degree of digital know-how if young Africans were to reap from the fruits of a cognitive future. IBM Digital-Nation was developed to specifically to address this need and produce more talented developers who are able to use those cognitive engines as well as empower entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs develop businesses using the new solutions.

IBM Digital-Nation Africa Internship Programme

Designed by IBM as a three-month internship programme, participants are given the task of promoting Digital-Nation Africa among the younger South African demographic. This includes cultivating interest in the tech industry using the D-NA platform to university and college students, youths in the communities, and schools.

Interns are expected to reach a large number of audiences, presenting the platform with complete confidence and ease. They need to be hard workers fueled by enthusiasm to be effective in registering 200,000 youths, using the platform by the end of 2018. In addition, interns will need to use any avenues at every opportunity they get to caattract more and more youths to the D-NA platform.

Discover more about IBM’s exciting internship program by clicking here.

Career Opportunities

As interns for the D-NA platform, they act everything as much as brand ambassadors do to generate public interest in their service or product, or in this case, their learning platform

Requirements or Eligibilty

IBM’s Digital-Nation is looking for energetic individuals who meet the following requirements:

  • Master’s Degree or Technical Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Engineering, Information Technology or Computer Science
  • Preferably with own car and has a driver license

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for IBM’s Digital-Nation Africa Internship Progamme and meet the minimum requirements, click here to get to their application page.

Opening and Closing Date

The IBM D-NA Internship Programme is now actively taking applications as the program will only run for three (3) months.

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