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October 25, 2018

IBM, or Industrial Business Machines Corporation, is an American tech company headquartered in New York and currently operat in more than 170 countries. The company is widely known for manufacturing and marketing computer hardware, software and middleware. It also provides consulting and hosting services starting with mainframe computers to cutting edge nanotechnology. In an effort to keep and maintain an innovative workforce, the IBM internship programme has been running now for member allthrougout.

As a leading research organization, IBM holds the record for generating the most number of US patents by a business in the last 25 years. It owns patents for the floppy disk, automated teller machine, hard disk drive, relational databases, the UPC barcode, SQL (programming language), and DRAM (dynamic random-access memory, and more.

Established as a result from the merger of four US-based companies companies in 1911 under the name Computing-Tabulating-Records Company. In 1924, the name was shortened International Business Machines

IBM Internship Programmes

Technical Internship Programme

IBM’s Watson Group in Johannesburg is looking for fresh graduates who want to acquire fundamental skills and knowledge in Global Business Services, or GBS,, which is part of the Cognitive Process Transformation Group. Selected interns will learn about game-changing technologies and innovative solutions which are at the core of every business.

Interns will have first-hand learning experience on the latest breakthroughs in Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Robotics, Big Data and Augmented Intelligence to be able to resolve business issues across various industries. In addition, interns will be able to work with clients improve their value chain and help them meet future challenges by developing the clients’ existing applications and processes.

IBM Cloud Developer Experience Internship Programme

This 1-year, graduate program requires new graduates who will reach out to the developer community and promote IBM Cloud. Selected interns will help IBM reach developers and work with these groups, including influencers, incubators, accelerators, and more.

Interns will also encourage targeted parties to sign up and retain membership on the IBM platform as well as introduce the IBM Global Entrepreneur Programme to startup businesses.  The interns will also promote IBM-related content in social and other digital platforms. Participants are also expected to support IBM Support Enterprise such as POCs. demos and more.

Career Options

Technical Internship

Successful candidates joining the technical internship programme will have a chance to collaborate with IBM’s Watson Group, a diverse team of professionals working with businesses as they look to technology to improve how they serve their customers

Cloud Developer Experience Internship Programme

Interns of the program will be able acquire essential skills in order to be effective ambassadors for IBM’s platform. They will be able to put their coding skills to use, interact with developer communities and provide support to Enterprise projects.

Requirements or Eligibility

Technical Internship Programme

IBM will consider applicants who possess the following minimum requirements:

  • Master’s or Technical Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Engineering, Information Technology, Statistics, Economics Philosophy, Computer Sciences and Life Sciences
  • Knowledgeable in code development
  • Knowledgeable in Python, Eclipse, Java Enterprise, and Cloud platforms
  • Able to leverage technology in developing enterprise-wide solutions
  • Effective interpersonal and problem solving skills, versatile, and independent
  • English fluency

For IBM Cloud Developer Experience Internship applicants, the minimum requirements are as follows:

  • University degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or any related studies
  • Full stack developer
  • Active in local startups and the developer community
  • Strong knowledge of new SDKs and APIs
  • Background in Entrepreneurship/Business or Marketing
  • Knowledgeable in programming basics in ANY language with strong preference in web and mobile dev
  • Knows tech blogging and interacts in online communities e.g. Stack Overflow or GitHub
  • Great team player

How to Apply

If you meet IBM’s minimum requirements, it is strongly recommended to register online and set up an account in their website. Click on the below link that corresponds to the internship programme you wish to send your application.

For the Technical Internship Programme applicants, click here to access the online registration form.

For IBM Cloud Developer Experience Graduate Programme applicants, click here.

Opening and Closing Dates

IBM is accepting applicants to both internship programmes throughout the year or depending on availability. These internship positions are available at their Johannesburg location.

Contact Information

For general questions, you can reach IBM South Africa by calling 0860 728 728. You can also email them at

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