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KPMG is a multi-national professional services company and placed as one of the “Big Four Auditors” together with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Enst & Young, and Deloitte. The company has an international network of affiliate firms providing audit, advisory and tax services. The firm assists clients in the areas of risk mitigation as well as identifying and taking full advantage of big opportunities. Their client roster includes government and public institutions, schools business organizations, as well as non-profit groups.

KPMG has affiliate offices operating in over 140 countries, employing a workforce of 145,000 professionals across various areas of disciplines. The name KPMG is derived from the initials of some of the founding members of the company and these are Klynveld, Peat, Marwick, and Goerdeler.

KPMG South Africa¬† was established in 1895. It has undergone many transformations brought on by several strategic mergers, allowing the firm to grow into one of the biggest of its kind in the region. The core companies that make up today’s KPMG are Marwick, Mitchell & Co. and Aiken & Carter and Peat. Prior to their 1987 merger, the two firms were among the leading professional audit firms in the country.

KPMG Bursary Programmes

KPMG is offering two unique bursary programmes to individuals studying to qualify as Chartered Accountants with SAICA accreditation. These two bursary programmes are:

Pure Merit Bursary

The Pure Merit Bursary programme is awarded to students who have exemplary academic records. This bursary programme is recommended for students who require an extensive amount of funds to continue with their studies.

Merit Bursary with Financial Needs

The Merit Bursary with Financial Needs programme is given to students as determined by their financial condition and academic performance. Those who cannot afford to totally attend university without substantial source of funds.

Career Options

Successful completion of any of the programmes does not mean permanent employment within KPMG and will be dependent on the skills requirement of the company at any point in time.

Requirements or Eligibility

Eligibility to join either one of the programmes will require prospective bursars to meet the minimum requirements below:

  • Must be attending a SAICA accredited tertiary education institution or university and pursuing a SAICA recognised degree
  • Must be a full time student
  • Must have attended school for a minimum of two consecutive years (no¬† gaps)
  • Bursars are expected to maintain their academic performance throughout the duration of the programme

In order to qualify, students are required to achieve a determined level of academic performance and these are as follows:

For Financial Accounting students in their 1st year of matriculation, at least 70% average and 4 A’s (not including LO) at a minimum of 65%. Students in second year must have an average of at least 65% and with 4 A’s with 65% not including LO subjects. Candidates in their third year must have an average of at least 60% minimum including their 4 A’s.

How to Apply

If you meet the programme’s basic requirements, be sure to have the below credentials on hand when you start the application process:

  • Your CV
  • Matric results
  • If in Matric, your Grade 11 results
  • If a university student, your university results

Contact your nearest KPMG office to find out how and where to send your application.

Contact Information

  • Cape Town – Tel. +27 21 408 7000
  • Durban – Tel. +27 31 327 6000
  • Gaborone – 267 391 2400
  • KPMG Wanooka Place – +27 (0)11 647 7111
  • Johannesburg – +27 11 647 7111
  • Port Elizabeth – +27 41 395 1500
  • Pretoria – +27 12 431 1300
  • Secunda – +27 17 634 2175
  • Stellenbosch – +27 (0) 21 408 7000

Want to know more about KPMG? Click on the link below to visit their homepage.

Opening and Closing Dates

Call your preferred KPMG location for their respective bursary programme availability.

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