National Film and Video Foundation Bursary Programme 2020

August 3, 2020

The National Film and Video Foundation is inviting qualified and deserving students to submit their application and qualify for financial assistance through its National Bursary Programme. Be certain to review the minimum eligibility requirements to know if you qualify for consideration.

The National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa is under the office of the Department of Arts and Culture, and works to ensure the advancement of the film and video industry of the country.

The NFVF’s various efforts to achieve its goals include the following:

  • Provide funds that help the film industry, starting from development, production to marketing and distribution
  • Fund research and produce industry stats that give stakeholders and the public important data about the film industry
  • Fund programmes that develop and train filmmakers

NFVF Film and Video National Bursary Programmes

In line with the NFVF’s aim to render the film and TV industry accessible to the previously disadvantaged and financially constrained, the Foundation offers bursary support to enhance training and development within the industry. This initiative allows deserving students to afford tertiary level institutions to further their craft. The programme selects hard working and talented students who are passionate about the industry but lack the finances to realize their ambition.

The NFVF offers bursary support to students who are studying in tertiary institutions in South Africa (National Bursary) and to those wish to pursue film courses not available in the country but are offered abroad. (International Bursary).

Beneficiaries in their first year of studies are eligible for 100% tuition fee coverage and scales down to 80% in the succeeding years

Who should apply?

The bursary application is open to individuals who are able to satisfy the following minimum requirements

  • Already registered or accepted to a relevant tertiary education
  • Must be able to prove financial need
  • Good academic performance in secondary school

What is the selection process?

All applications are reviewed by an external and internal panel. Shortlisted applicants are invited for an interview to make sure the most deserving candidates are chosen to receive bursary support. Those who are chosen will eventually serve as NFVF ambassadors

How do I apply?

Eligible applicants will need to submit the following documents during the application process:

For National Bursary applicants

  • Must be able to gain admission to a tertiary education institution
  • Proof of parents’ income
  • Grade 12 or Matric results
  • A letter of motivation explaining why the applicant is deserving to receive bursary support

For International Bursary applicants

  • A cover letter indicating the applicant’s personal motivation for studying in relation to the chosen career path. The cover letter must also mention how the learnings that will be acquired will benefit the country (for international bursary applicants)
  • Support letter from the international institution
  • Proof of exemplary performance in the applicant’s field of study

Interested and qualified applicants will need to register an account before being able to apply online. Click here to access the NFVF’s application page.

Application Deadline?

The deadline for submission for National Bursary applications 30 August 2020.

The deadline for submission of International Bursary applications is 31 August 2020

Contact Information

For more information, call NVFC directly at 27 11 483 0880 or via email at info@nfvf.co.za

Click the link to view a PDF copy of the National Film and Video Foundation Bursary Programme 2020 advert.

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