Nursing Colleges

Perusing a career in nursing is extremely rewarding.  You get to help patients and develop a close relationship with them. However, becoming a good nurse requires having the best nursing education. In this article, we look at the best nursing colleges in South Africa.

Nurses often need to know the ins and outs of their profession. There is so much that needs to be covered. Therefore, getting a quality education is vital.

What does a nurse do?

In a nutshell, nurses provide treatment and support to their patients. However, this is far more detailed than one can imagine.

On a day-to-day basis, nurses will need to oversee their patient’s well-being. Furthermore, they evaluate and assess their clients.

Nursing responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that patients receive medication prescribed by doctors
  • Provide support and physical care to patients
  • Monitor patients’ conditions
  • Assess and report patients’ responses to treatment
  • Prepare patients for surgery and post-surgery care
  • Observe patients’ conditions
  • Oversee medical equipment

Why choose nursing?

Nursing Colleges

As we’ve previously mentioned, nursing is an extremely rewarding job. Furthermore, nurses have the ability to have a positive impact on their patients. Let’s look at some reasons why you should choose nursing as a career.

Demand for good nurses

A lot of the time hospitals have a shortage of nurses. Most hospitals do not have enough nurses to assist doctors and patients. This means that there is a great demand for nurses. Rest assured, nurses almost instantly get a job.

Furthermore, there is a shortage of nurses worldwide. This means that you can be a nurse literally anywhere in the world. Therefore, being a nurse does not have any limitations.

Nurses get to help people

Secondly, nursing is a great career because you get to help people. Therefore, nothing is more rewarding than this. Nurses can make a huge difference and positively impact their patients’ lives. In general, nurses allow their patients to feel safe and secure.

Nurses earn a good salary

Thirdly, nurses earn an excellent salary no matter where they work. The average nurse in South Africa earns around R26, 000 per month. This is higher than the national average salary. Therefore, nurses can live a very comfortable life.

Developmental opportunities

Nurses get to learn new things on a daily basis. As a result, they can attain professional development regularly. There aren’t many jobs that offer this advantage. Furthermore, nurses can further their careers. Hospitals offer tons of support and educational growth.

Nursing is well-respected profession

Nursing is one of the most well-respected career paths. This is mainly because of the hard work that it requires. Nurses always strive to help their patients lead better life. As a result, the public respect them for their efforts.

What it takes to become a nurse

Nursing can be a very challenging job. Therefore, it’s important to know what it takes to become a nurse.

Good people’s skills

It’s absolutely important for nurses to have people’s skills. This means that they need to be empathetic yet stern simultaneously. Being a nurse will require you to help people who might not want to be helped. Therefore, you will need to be quite patient at times. In addition, nurses also need to have good communication skills.

Work well under pressure

Becoming a nurse will also mean that you can work well under pressure. Certain aspects of the job might be very challenging. For instance, you might have to oversee multiple patients at once. This can easily become overwhelming.

Nursing Qualification requirements

This is one of the most important aspects of becoming a nurse. There are two qualification options that you can opt to choose from.

The first option is to obtain a nursing diploma. This can be done by attending one of the best nursing colleges in South Africa. The second option is to obtain a Bachelor’s in Nursing. This can be done at any university that offers nursing degrees.

Bachelor’s degree in nursing

Studying for a nursing degree entails theoretical training. Thereafter, you will be required to complete clinical training at a hospital or training institute. Getting a degree comes with a lot more perks than studying for a diploma. For instance, nurses have a better chance for advancement in the field if they have a degree. Furthermore, studying for a degree typically takes around four years to complete.


National Senior Certificate


  • Mathematics,
  • Life Orientation,
  • First additional or home language,
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences

Students will need to obtain at least 50-59% for all subjects.

Diploma in nursing

There are a few important things to remember when opting for a diploma. Firstly, always check that the course is approved by the Nursing Council. This will ensure that you can work at most hospitals.  In addition, studying for a diploma typically takes around three years to complete.

Lastly, nurses will need to register with the South African Nursing Council to practice. This is usually done once they have completed their course. Nurses will also need to complete a year of community service. Thereafter, they will be able to work in a hospital or institute.


National senior certificate


  • English
  • Life orientation
  • First additional or home language
  • Four other Subjects

Students will need to obtain at least 50-59% for all subjects.

Best Nursing colleges in South Africa

Now that we have talked about nursing, we can move on to another topic. Let’s look at the best nursing colleges in South Africa.

S G Lourens nursing college

S G Lourens Nursing College is one of the most popular nursing colleges in South Africa. Students will receive accredited training from specialized educators. The college has well-equipped simulation labs to train students. Therefore, students will be able to practice their skills before entering a hospital environment.

Furthermore, students will gain practical experience at hospitals and health facilities. This will all be completed while studying at the college. All training provided is in association with both public and private hospitals.

Physical address: Soutpansberg Rd & Theodore Hove Ave, Prinshof 349-Jr, Pretoria, 0084

Contact number: 012 319 5600

Life College of Healthcare

Life College of Healthcare is one of the best nursing colleges in South Africa. Their vision is to create competent healthcare workers. In addition, Life College is accredited by the South African nursing council. Furthermore, Life College boasts being one of the top three in the country.

The purpose of their program is to prepare students to become excellent nurses. Here, students will receive the necessary training, skills, and knowledge to thrive. The curriculum is also focused on practical training. This will help ensure that nurses are well trained before entering the workforce.

The duration of this nursing course is three years of full-time study.


 Ithemba Nursing Academy

Ithemba Nursing Academy is located in Pretoria-East. The main objective of this college is to produce competent nurses. Furthermore, Ithemba Nursing Academy is fully accredited by the South African Nursing Council.

Students can opt to choose between the two nursing courses offered. This first course is a one-year course auxiliary nursing certificate. The second course is a two-year enrolled nursing certificate.

In addition, students will study a number of theoretical courses. Furthermore, students will need to complete clinical training. This will ensure that they are capable to approach real-life medical problems.

Healthnicon Nursing College

Healthnicon offers students training in the nursing field. Furthermore, they were one of the first private nursing schools in S.A. The institute has quickly become one of the best nursing colleges in Pretoria.

Healthnicon is also fully accredited by the South African Nursing Council. Students can specialize in community health work, auxiliary nursing, pediatrics, and orthopedic. Each of their nurse’s programs is well-curated to educate future nurses.

Students can also make use of the health centers while training. Studying at Healthnicon is ideal for those looking for a fruitful career in nursing.

Nursing Career fields

Nurses can choose to go into a specific field after graduating. With that said, nurses are required to be familiar with the different fields. There are four different nursing fields, general, midwifery, community, and psychiatric nursing.

Each of these fields is vastly different. However, the overall objective is to take care of and support patients. Certain fields might be more challenging than others. However, each nurse can choose which field suits them best.

General nursing is by far the most popular in the field. Here, nurses need to know how to look after and care for patients. General nursing is seen in hospitals, clinics, and medical institutes.

Midwifery nursing mainly consists of looking after pre-natal and post-partum women. It can also include looking after mom and baby after birth. Here, nurses need to monitor mom and baby while at the hospital. Midwifery nurses also need to assess the physical and mental well-being of patients.

Community nursing is another form of nursing. This field is mainly regulated for nurses who administer vaccines. Furthermore, being a community nurse entails primary and public health care management.

Lastly, Physiatrist nursing is possibly the most challenging field to be in. Here, nurses look after and care for mentally unstable patients.