Rhodes University’s Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme

Rhodes University is currently accepting applications from qualified applicants for its NESP or Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme offering for the 2021 academic year. Make sure to review the requirements and the higher education institutions affiliated with the programme.

Founded in 1904 as Rhodes University, Rhodes University is the oldest university in the Eastern Cape and one of the oldest in South Africa. It was recognized as a constituent college by the University of South Africa prior to 1918 prior to achieving its status as an independent university in 1951.

Rhodes University’s Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme

Rhodes University, in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education and Training is offering the Nurturing  Emerging Scholar’s Programme. The programme runs for a period of three years and includes a Masters degree scholarship (2 years) and an academic internship (1 year) at an affiliate South African university.

Below is a list of higher education institutions along with the corresponding study offerings:

  • Rhodes University
    • Pharmacy
    • Financial Markets and Quantitative Economics
    • Law
    • Foundation Phase Literacy
    • African Music Studies
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology
    • Agricultural Extension
    • Emergency Medical Care
    • Dental Technology
    • Electronic Communication and Satellite Technology
  • Central University of Technology
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Design
    • Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • Biomedical Technology
  • Durban University of Technology
    • Generic Health Sciences
    • Sports Management and Science
    • Fashion Design
    • Horticulture/Plant Tissue Culture/Biotechnology
  • Mangosuthu University of Technology
    • Human Resources Management
    • Marketing
  • Nelson Mandela University
    • Information Technology/Software Engineering
    • Mathematics and Multilingualism / Senior Phase – FET
    • Law – Ocean Governance
    • Foundation Phase: Language and Literacy
  • North-West University
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Science
    • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
    • Movement Education
  • Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
    • Nursing Education
    • Midwifery
    • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Tshawane University of Technology
    • Performing Arts
    • Metallurgical Engineering
    • Sports Manager
    • Marketing Management
  • University of Fort Hare
    • Audiology/Speech-Language Pathology
    • Law – Competition Regulation
    • Mathematics Education
    • Geology
  • University of Johannesburg
    • Civil or Geotechnical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Biochemistry
    • Podiatry
    • Zoology
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal
    • Computer, Electrical/Electronic Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Agricultural Engineering
  • University of Limpopo
    • Chemical Pathology
    • Medical Microbiology
    • Mathematics Education
    • Chemical Pathology (Haematology)
    • Agricultural Sciences
  • University of Mpumalanga
    • Development Studies
    • Rural Development and Agricultural Extension
  • University of Pretoria
    • Civil Engineering (Materials, Geotechnical, Water, Transportation and Structural)
    • Toxicology
    • Pharmacology
    • Bioinformatics
    • Heritage and Cultural Tourism
  • University of South Africa
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
  • University of the Free State
    • Forensic Science
    • Optometry
    • Law
    • Business Management
  • University of Venda
    • Urban and Regional Planning
    • Computer Science
    • Industrial Psychology
  • University of Western Cape
    • Oral Microbiology, or Genetics and Molecular Biology
    • History
    • Law – Children’s Rights
    • Economics, Business and Management Studies
  • University of Witwatersrand
    • Construction Management
    • Speech-Language Therapy
    • Social Work
    • Finance
    • Property Studies
  •  University of Zululand
    • Life Sciences Education
    • Development Studies
    • Information Technology Security
    • Governance and Local Government Development Mandate
  • Vaal University of Technology
    • Nursing
    • Sports and Recreation Management
    • Civil Engineering (Railway-Transportation Engineering)
    • Tourism
  • Walter Sisulu University
    • Zoology
    • Geography
    • Medical Microbiology

Who should apply?

Applicants must hold a qualification relevant to the field of study being applied for.

How do I apply?

Click here to access the page where you can look for the field of study and university you wish to apply for.

Application Deadline?

The deadline for the submission of applications is on 15 August 2020.

Click the link to view a PDF copy of the Rhodes University’s Nurturing Emerging Scholars Programme 2021 advert.



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