SAFCOL Bursary Programme 2020

November 20, 2019

SAFCOL is calling on interested and suitable individuals to send in their application to possibly qualify for its Bursary Programme coverage for the 2020 academic year.

The South African Forestry Company SOC Ltd. is one of the largest South African forestry company operating under the Department of Public Enterprises. SAFCOL is present in Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga and in some areas in the northern region of Mozambique. The organization is mandated to safely carry out various forestry activities such as timber harvesting and timber processing, as well as other related ventures.

SAFCOL employs approximately 5,000 individuals through indirect and direct hires. In effect, the organization is responsible for nearly 20,000 lives living in communities near the SAFCOL facility.

SAFCOL Bursary Programme 2020

The SAFCOL Bursary Programme opportunity is awarded to students taking up tertiary institution education at any recognized college or university. The prescribed fields of study covered by the bursary are usually determined by SAFCO’s operational and strategic requirements, not to mention wider industry needs.

This bursary opportunity offers coverage of the expenses:

  • Registration fees
  • Tuition
  • Book fees and other related learning materials
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Stipend for every semester

Upon completion of their qualifications, bursars are required to work back the coverage period of the bursary benefits.

Who should apply?

Candidates must be able to satisfy the following basic criteria to considered eligible to apply:

  • Must gain admission to a South African tertiary education institution recognized by the Council of Higher Education
  • Must be able to comply with the academic policies of the tertiary institution
  • Intending to already studying towards the following qualifications:
    • Wood Technology/Wood Science
    • Structural/Construction Engineering and Management
    • Electronic/Electrical Engineering
    • Human Settlement Development
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Forest Scientific Research
    • Agro-Forestry
    • Wood Lumber Research
    • Business Management
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Human Resource Management
    • Eco/Agro-Tourism
    • Project Management

How do I apply?

Candidates who are able to meet the initial eligibility requirements shown earlier can apply by downloading the application form. In addition, prepare the following supporting documents need to be sent along with application form:

  • Proof of admission or registration from a recognized SA tertiary education institution
  • Certified true copies of identity documents
  • Academic record or matric results

Click here to download the application form.


  • Read the application form carefully prior to filling it out
  • Make sure to leave no blank fields on the application form
  • Fill out the application form in BLOCK LETTERS

Send your correctly filled out application form with the supporting documents attached to: bursary@safcol.co.za

Application Deadline?

Deadline for submission of applications is on 24 November 2019. Late submissions or incomplete requirements will not be accepted.

Contact Information

For further questions about this bursary offering, contact SAFCO directly at

Ms Portia Mavbhungu
Learning and Development Bursary Administrator
Tel: 013 754 2700

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