SAICE Patrons Engineering Bursary (SPEBS) Scheme 2020

The South African Institute of Civil Engineering or SAICET is calling on deserving and highly qualified Civil Engineering students to send in their application and qualify for its SAICET Patrons’ Engineering Programme Scheme for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The SAICE works to be a learned community of civil engineers that aims to enable its members (through accountability and consultation) to effectively provide the public with economically and environmentally sustainable infrastructure. The organization also seeks to further and preserve the professional ethics of South Africa’s civil engineers.

SAICET Patrons Engineering Bursary (SPEBS) Scheme

Started in 1992, the SAICET Patrons’ Engineering Bursary Scheme is an important component of SAICE’s various outreach programmes in line with its objectives to advance the civil engineering profession. The bursary programme provides assistance to financially disadvantaged and academically proficient students pursuing a degree or National Diploma in Civil Engineering at any tertiary education institution in the country.

Granted each semester, bursary support is intended to partially take care of registration, books and tuition fee expenses of National Diploma students who have passed their S1 examinations and degree students who have successfully taken their first-year exams. Bursary funds are released under the condition that bursars have submitted proof of registration for the semester of study from the recognized institution.

The bursary cheque is issued to the learning institution which in turn credits the amount into the bursar’s account. Depending on a number of factors, the bursary may amount up to a maximum of R6 500 or a minimum of R5 500.

Who should apply?

Students who meet the following eligibility requirements are enjoined to apply for bursary support:

  • Currently pursuing a National Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
  • Applicants must be S2, S3 or S4 level Civil Engineering students
  • Must have no failed or incomplete subjects from past study levels
  • Must have an outstanding academic performance
  • Financially constrained
  • Must be a South African citizen

What is the selection process?

The selection of bursars is merit-based; thus students who excel academically have a higher chance of being awarded the bursary assistance. Financial incapacity is also an important criteria for getting awarded the bursary programme.

How do I apply?

Qualified candidates who wish to apply for bursary support will need to download and complete the bursary application form. Click here to download the form.

Once thoroughly completed, your application form and supporting documents can be sent via email to spebs@saice.org.za 

Make sure to attach all the required supporting documents.

Application Deadline?

The deadline for submission of applications for the first semester is on 31 January 2020.

Applications for the second semester must be submitted before 31 July 2020.

Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Contact Information

For more information about the internship get in touch with SAICE directly at:

Phone: 011 805 5947 
Email: fridah@saice.org.za
Fax: 011 805 5971

Click the link to view the SAICE Patrons Engineering Bursary (SPEBS) Scheme 2020 advert.

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