SANBI Kirstenbosch Scholarship for B Tech Horticulture

September 26, 2018

The South African National Biodiversity Institute was founded in 1 September 2004 in accordance with the National Environmental Management’s Biodiversity Act No. 10 of 2004. SANBI’s role is to spearhead the South African government’s biodiversity management efforts in the present and well into the future. They lead the country’s biodiversity research arm along with the Department of Environmental Affairs.

They provide information and knowledge, policy advice, and support planning. Moreover, SANBI is responsible for the development of rehabilitation programmes and best practices in better biodiversity management. The institute heavily involved in restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems, manages the sector’s human capital development strategy. SANBI is in charge of managing the National Botanical Gardens.

One of SANBI’s most important directives is fighting poverty by generating sustainable, decent jobs by implementing collaborative programmes that seek to improve and preserve ecosystems.

SANBI Kirstenbosch Scholarship – B: Tech Horticulture

The company is dedicated to the implementation of programmes that promote participation in biodiversity science. This is started at the grade school level to bolster the quality of biodiversity learning and teaching. Moreover, SANBI prioritizes promoting strong partnerships with schools and education departments. This affords better access and visibility of information on employment in the biodiversity sectors.

One of such programs is the Kirstenbosch Scholarship which was established in 1966. The scholarship aims to empower deserving and qualified candidates to help in the preservation of indigenous South African flora. In 2016, the focus of the programme covered studies leading to B. Tech: Horticulture.

Career Options

In addition to a successful completion of a B. Tech: Horticulture course, the candidate must meet certain metrics to be favourably considered for a position at SANBI. The candidate will be able to practise learned principles and expertise on the propagation, conservation, and cultivation of plants indigenous to South Africa once employed by the institute.

Requirements or Eligibility

Interested applicants must have a National Diploma in Horticulture. Moreover, applicants are required to get in touch with the Institute of Environment and Recreation Management by calling +27 (0)11 061 5000. You may send an email to for more information.

How to Apply

If you meet the minimum criteria, contact the SANBI Training Administrator to request details about the application process.

To find out more about the Kirstenbosch Scholarship or SANBI’s other programmes, click here.

Contact Information

The Training Administrator, SANBI.
Private Bag X7,
Claremont 7735
or email at

Opening and Closing Dates

The Kirstenbosch Scholarship programme accepts applications all year round, from January to December.

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