Sappi Mechanical Engineering Graduate Trainee 2021

April 28, 2021

Sappi South Africa is calling on suitable graduates to apply for its upcoming Mechanical Engineering Programme that will take place at its Ngodwana Mill. Be sure to go over the minimum qualification requirements before applying for this graduate position.

Established in 1936, Sappi South Africa (SA) is a leading manufacturer of quality paper products and dissolved paper pulp. After a series of aggressive expansion efforts, the company diversified its product line to meet local and international demand. Today, they produce packaging and specialty papers, printing paper, biomaterials and bio-energy, to name a few.

Sappi SA is headquartered in Johannesburg and is the forerunner of Sappi Global, a multi-national company with operations spanning three continents including North America and Europe.


Sappi Mechanical Engineering Graduate Trainee 2021

Reporting to the Maintenance Manager, the successful candidate will be performing the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Conduct practical work as prescribed by the Engineering Council of South Africa
  • Provide advice and design tools and machinery for manufacturing and relevant industrial applications
  • Help plan and design non-electrical engines and motors (e.g. internal combustion, steam) for powering industrial machinery
  • Assist with the planning and design phase of mechanical plants for managing energy, ventilation, heating, pumps, valves, and other relevant mechanical equipment
  • Provide assistance with designing non-electrical components of precision instruments and apparatus
  • Develop control standards and processes to maintain efficiency and safety of machines, tools, engines, equipment, systems, and the like
  • Make sure equipment maintenance and operation comply with design specs and safety regulations
  • Identify issues and suggest solutions related to operational problems caused by tools, plant equipment, or machinery
  • Participate in designing new equipment specs such as complex machines, fluid systems, HVAC systems, etc.
  • Provide operational support to various mills
  • Take part in cross-disciplinary team meetings, plant forums, and engineering meeting to acquire plant operation knowledge and offer professional advice
  • Analyze plant equipment failure or underperformance and suggest solutions
  • Provide assessment of existing plant design in conjunction with design specs, assembly standards, etc.
  • Render assistance during plant shutdown and machine start-ups


Who should apply?

Candidates need to meet the following minimum eligibility requirements to apply:

  • Holds a B Tech, B Eng, or BSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • Proficient with computers
  • Previous work experience not necessary


How do I apply?

Eligible candidates will need to register their profile on Sappi’s online recruitment platform. Click the link below to start the process.

Apply online for the Sappi Mechanical Engineering Graduate Trainee 2021.


Application Deadline?

The deadline for submission of applications is on 5 May 2021.


Contact Information

Should you have further questions about this internship programme, get in touch with Sappi directly at 

Do not send applications to this email address.


  • How long will it take to complete?
    The graduate programme will run for a period of 2 years.
  • Where will it take place?
    Successful candidates will be based in Sappi’s Ngodwana Mill in Ehlanzeni, Mpumalanga.

Click the link to view a PDF copy of the Sappi Mechanical Engineering Graduate Trainee 2021 advert.

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