Sasol South Africa Bursary Programme

October 29, 2018

Sasol is a multinational chemicals and energy company backed by a 31,270-strong workforce spread out in 32 countries around the globe. The company develops and markets technologies, as well as builds and operates large-scale facilities. These facilities are built to produce an array of highly important products that includes chemicals, liquid fuels, and low-carbon electricity. It invests heavily on talent and has launched the Sasol Bursary Programme to attract the brightest South Africa has to offer.

Established in South Africa in 1950, Sasol remains as one of the nation’s largest and most important investors in skills development, technological research, and capital projects. Sasol is listed in both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Johannes Stock Exchange.

Sasol Bursary Programme

Sasol provides young and aspiring chartered accountants a chance to enjoy a comprehensive bursary while studying to qualify as a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours/CTA.

Selected bursars will enjoy full coverage for their undergraduate studies, particularly a 3-year BCom course. This also includes a post-graduate education (BCom Hon). Trainees who attain CTA qualification will receive an invitation to join the CA Development Programme conducted by KPMG, the company’s accredited training center.

The bursary will cover the expenses listed below:

  • All university exam, registration and tuition fees
  • Food and lodging expenses as prescribed by Sasol and the university
  • Bursar will receive about R8000 annually for pocket money and book expenses. More detailed information will be given to selected applicants

Moreover, Sasol bursars will have access to the following support and opportunities:

  • Payment of ITC exam fees and board course
  • ITC support programmes
  • World class training in recognised firm
  • Secondment and rotation opportunities among various operating business units

Career Opportunities

As a global company, Sasol offers career opportunities that are challenging and deeply rewarding opportunities in the following areas:

  • Project accounting
  • Financial management
  • Management and statutory reporting
  • Corporate finance
  • Taxation
  • General management

How to Apply

All applications are done online for a more streamlined selection process and a systematic application tracking system. Bursary applicants are required to register and create an account in the company website.

Start the application process by going to the company’s website where you need to click on the Log In button. From there, choose Register and fill out the online form. Upon completion of the form, choose Create New Account. Once the account has been verified and activated. Once logged in, look for select the appropriate button that applies to you:

Undergraduate – if you are a student applying for a bursary coverage of the first four years of study, including Honours

Postgraduate – for students pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree

Click on the link below to pull up detailed information on how to apply for the Sasol Bursary programme:


Requirements or Eligibility

To qualify for a Sasaol bursary, applicans must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • For BEng and BSCstudents in 12th Grade, Math and Science subject must not fall below 70% and English no lower than 60%
  • For BCom Accounting students, Math, Accounting and English subjects must be at least 60%
  • For Grade 11 students, English First Language must be a minimum of Level 4, and Level 5 in English Second Language
  • Level 5 Math if pursuing BCom Accounting or Business Science
  • Level 5 in Accounting if applying for Bachelor in Commerce Accounting

For more details about the bursary programme requirements, just click here.

Opening and Closing Dates

Sasol is accepting applicants into the program all year round. The Bursary closing date may change yearly but the date can be found on the Selection Process Page of the Sasol Bursaries Website every year.

Contact Information

If you have any further questions regarding the bursary programme, use the following details listed below:

Phone: 086 010 6235

Email: berlyner@quest.com.za

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