Sasol Learnership Programmes

Sasol is an integrated chemical and energy company that started in the early 1950. The company rolled out its first product, which was eight drums of creosote. By its 10th anniversary and after five years of production, the company had made 1.36 million rands. It formed the South African Gas  Distribution Co. to distribute and sell  pipeline gas in 1966.

Sasol operates in 32 countries backed by 31, 270 employees all over the globe. They develop and market technologies, as well as build and operate and large-scale production plants to come up with a range of products including liquid fuels, low-carbon electricity, and chemicals.

Sasol Learnership Programmes

Learnership programmes offered by Sasol are supported by institutional and structured learning in the following fields:

  • Electrical operations
  • Chemical Plant Operations
  • Fitting
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Turning
  • Welding
  • Rigging
  • Boilermaking

Learners will also be equipped with the right

Career Options

Upon completion of a learnerhip programme, learners will have a great chance at being able to work in one of the largest petrochemical and energy company in South Africa.

Below are some of the many career opportunities available at Sasol:

  • Senior Artisan, Artisan, Master Artisan, Specialist Artisan
  • Learning Practitioner, Principal Learning Practitioner, Senior Manager, Senior Learning Manager
  • Technologist, Engineer, Technician
  • Operations/Maintenance Manager, Area Manager, Foreman

Requirements and Eligibility

  • Passed Grade 12 English or N3 Certification with Engineering Science, Maths, plus two other subjects with passing marks
  • Grade 12 with Maths SG/HG (no Maths Literacy, Functional Maths, Additional Maths, Applied Maths, and Commercial Maths)
  • Grade 12 Physical Science SG/HG (excluding Science Literacy, Life Science, Natural Science, Functional Science, and General Science

How to Apply

Find out more about the learnership, including how to apply or how the application process work by viewing the PDF file below.

Sasol Learner Guide

Contact Information

For further questions about the requirements, eligibility or any other application questions, send an email to:


Or call 27 17 610 7501

If you wish to learn more about Sasol South Africa as a company to work in, click on the link below:


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