Shoprite Bursary Programmes 2020

April 11, 2020

Shoprite, one of the largest food retailers in Africa, is inviting hardworking, and talented South African students looking to receive bursary support to further their undergraduate studies. More information about the company and the bursary opportunity it currently provides is available below.

Shoprite South Africa is part of the Shoprite Group of Companies, which is the largest food retailer in Africa. It currently operates more than 2,843 outlets scattered in 14 countries all across Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands. Headquartered in the Western Cape, Shoprite employed more than 147,478 people in the middle of 2018.

As the company constantly grows at a steady pace, it offers several programmes aimed at promoting the company, one of which is the Shoprite bursary schemes which aim to attract and fund students and even possibly offer permanent employment within the company upon completion of their studies.

Shoprite Bursary Programme 2020

Shoprite is looking for qualified students who want to learn, grow and work for a unique company that offers great opportunities and dedication to its employees and customers. Among the many initiatives the company has started, its bursary programmes are the most popular. Currently, Shoprite SA is offering the following  bursary programmes to qualified students:

  • Accounting Bursary (CA Stream)
  • Information Technology Bursary
  • Logistics Bursary
  • Pharmacy Bursary Programme    
  • Retail Business Management Bursary Programme

These bursary programmes will pay for school-related expenses e.g. tuition and campus accommodations. In addition, the work-back feature ensures new graduates the opportunity for employment, or better yet, full-time, long term employment after completion of their studies.

Who should apply?

Be sure to review the Shoprite Bursary Programme’s basic requirements prior to sending an application:

Accounting Bursary Programme (CA Stream – SAICA) 
Reference no: SHO200110-4

  • Completed the first semester of Bachelor of Accounting or BComp, and qualifying towards CTA and registered articles programme with a 65%+ average

Information Technology/Data Science Bursary Programme
Reference no: SHO200203-7

  • Completed the first year of studies in Maths, Applied Maths, Computer Science and Statistics
  • Must have a grade point average of at least 60% in the previous academic year.

Information Technology
Reference no: SHO200110-5

  • Completed at least the first semester leading towards a 3-year  IT degree with  a 60% grade average

Logistics/BCom Supply Chain Bursary Programme

  • Successfully completed 1st semester Grade 12 with 70%+ average or
  • Completed at least 1st semester pursuing BCom Logistics in Quantitative Management, Bachelor of Science in Operational Research or any relevant degrees with  60%+ average+0

Pharmacy Bursary Programme
Reference no: SHO200110-2

  • Able to complete first semester studies in BPharm with 70% grade average

Retail Business Management Bursary Programme
Reference no: SHO200110-6

  • Successfully completed 1st semester in Grade 12 or National Diploma course in Retail Business with a 60%+ average

How do I apply?

Qualified applicants are required to set up an account in Shoprite’s eRecruit page to be able to sign in and apply. Click here to get started.

Application Deadline?

All bursary programmes will be taking in applications until 30 June 2020

Contact Information

For enquiries, get in touch directly with Shoprite SA’s Brackenfell offices at tel: +27 (0) 21 980 4000.

Want to know more about Shoprite? Click here to get more details about Shoprite.


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