Starke Ayres Bursary Programme 2019

December 7, 2018

Starke Ayres is a leading specialist in the flower, vegetable and lawn seeds distribution industry in Africa. The company is also a popular supplier of premium seed varieties to professional growers all over the world. They have their own vegetable seed growing programmes that are designed through years of sustained research and development. In line with attracting new talent for their research team roster, Stark Ayres is offering a 12-month bursary programme to students looking to acquire a degree in the fields of Horticulture, Agricultural or Environmental Science, and more.

Their focus is on after-sales service, providing assistance to farmers who are growing produce that be brought to market. With a network international of in-house and external sales agents, Starke Ayres is able to operate a successful distribution network to ensure that their products make it to the customers.

Starke-Ayres Bursary Programme

The Starke Ayres Bursary Programme is designed to acquire outstanding tertiary level students into the company’s diverse and growing pool of talent by providing these highly deserving students financial assistance in school.

The bursary covers any school-related expenditures which includes tuition, registration and residence fees for up to R37 500 a year. The bursary coverage may be renewed each year depending on the bursar’s performance or academic results.

Career Options

Bursars who successfully complete their qualification can look forward to a career within Starke Ayres as specialists in the areas of Agriculture, Horticulture, Agricultural, Environmental Research or as determined by the company.

Requirements or Eligibility

Here’s a complete rundown of the requirements applicants must possess in order to be considered to join the programme.

  • South African nationals with a valid ID document
  • Must have completed first year of tertiary level education
  • Pursuing a degree in the following fields:
    • Bachelor of Science in Genetics
    • Bachelor of Science in Plant Breeding
    • Bachelor of Science in Plant Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Soil Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Plant Production

Qualified applicants are required to submit the certified copies of the following documents:

  • Proof of South African citizenship (ID document)
  • Latest academic record

How to Apply

If you meet the basic programme requisites, go to their website and create a profile. Click here to get started with the online application.

Opening and Closing Dates

Starke Ayres will be accepting applications until 31 December 2018.

Contact Information

Get more in-depth information about the company by viewing their homepage clicking on the below link:


Read more about their bursary here:


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