Think Digital Academy Review

Think Digital Academy is an online school that takes pleasure in offering students from all around the world world-class online learning.

For virtual academies, learners provide online content in an interactive, engaging, and effective manner.

  • TDA is also the only online school to provide not only the US GED but also the British International and South African CAPS curricula, as well as a  variety of other intriguing courses.
  • Their name comes from our firm belief that one of the most important abilities a youngster can learn is “Thinking.” They have a wealth of information at their fingertips, but young pupils must learn to think creatively to plan for anything they want to do in life.

“Think Digital Academy takes a unique approach in that, rather than forcing you to turn off and put away your gadgets during the school days. They encourage you to utilize them to supplement your studies by gaining access to the highest quality content. You are occupancies in the most exciting times of your life Think Digital Academy has finally caught up with you.

Who are their curricula and courses designed for?

Their curricula and courses are useful for school-aged pupils, including those who are continuously traveling and relocating with their parents. These can be high-performance sports, singers, dancers, or performers, or those who come from well-respected military families in the United States. Think Digital Academy is also great for students who prefer online learning or who are not geographically located near a school of their choice and would benefit from having additional options. Think Digital Academy offers a variety of international certifications as well as a growing list of courses, such as Coding and Robotics and Mind Power, to satisfy the needs of a person.


Three popular and sought-after curricula are among the online school curricula given by Think Digital Academy to online students all over the world. The British International, the South African CAPS, and the United States GED are the three options.

When complete online, each of % this curriculum is categorized to be incredibly engaging and participatory. Enrolling in an online program has furnished considerable benefits to both online students and their parents.

Curriculum British International

Within the online school curricula offered by Think Digital Academy, the British International online school curriculum is a well-structured program. The British International is helpful to fulfill the needs of all students, challenging brighter individuals while also assisting those who require assistance through diversified teaching and learning activities. The British International curriculum is also useful in approximately 10,000 schools in over 160 countries.

Curriculum South African

The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement is the name of the online school curriculum in South Africa (CAPS). The National Curriculum Declaration Grades R–12, a policy statement for learning and teaching in South African schools, includes CAPS. CAPS has proven to be quite popular with South African families living both locally and overseas as an integral part of Think Digital Academy’s online school courses.


1: Coding and Robotics

The Coding and Robotics course at Think Digital Academy teaches genuine text-based programming in a way that even a seven-year-old can understand. Students progress through the lessons from beginning to expert. There is no need for any prior coding experience or equipment. The courses are user-friendly, and they teach students computational abilities, problem-solving skills, and perseverance skills, as well as math and critical thinking skills.

2: Mind power of kids

Every parent wishes for a contented, resilient child who can manage life while remaining cheerful and focused. They can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. This course provides students (ages 6–12) with an understanding of how their minds work and how they can apply that understanding to create the life they desire.

3: Mind power of Teen

Teens (ages 13–18) will learn a set of life-changing ideas that will help them start down the path to happiness, fulfillment, and success. It’s a logical course that’s also a lot of fun to take, and it may lead to huge improvements with a small practice.


Think Digital Academy was categorized submitted high-quality education to all people. Education is universal, recognized as a human right that is critical to ‘world health and development. However, due to violence and governments globally failing to meet their financing pledges, millions of youngsters are hungry, orphaned, homeless, and uneducated in our troubled globe. The online education costs at Think Digital Academy are composed to combat this. Thousands of students and parents can attest to the high quality of our educational experience, as well as its ease, speed, efficacy, and affordability. Moreover, they believe that a new movement in primary and secondary education will be fueled by affordable, high-quality, and equitable online education and are delighted to be a part of it.

Coaching hubs

Coaching hubs provide opportunities for children to work in groups and socialize with other children. Please contact these centers directly for additional information about their services and offerings. Coaching centers are the right solution to their education issue, where trained teachers are in short supply.


Think Digital Academy provides several significant services that distinguish their online school and make them quite pleased. They truly go above and above to ensure that you and your child have excellent possible support throughout your online learning experience.

  • Prerecorded lessons
  • Printable study notes
  • Memos
  • Assessments and feedback
  • Weekly e-mailed reports
  • Quarterly reports
  • Online tutors and student success coaches
  • Student Forum
  • Live tutorials industry experts and lecturers

Prerecorded lessons

All of their classes were videotaped and taught by subject matter experts and masters in their respective disciplines. If you have a stable internet connection, you can access these lessons from anywhere at any time.   Their Think Digital Academy App, which is available on the Google Play App Store, allows you to see assignments “offline.”

Printable study notes

There are printable PDF summaries for all subjects in all grades that are useful for study notes in preparation for your tests.


Each lesson has at least one activity that must be done either online or in your workbooks. For all of the class activities, they will provide memos so that you can check and mark your work.

Assessments and feedback

Once all of the information for the term has been effectively finished and covered, assessments are performed. When a student in Grades/Stages R-9 completes an examination, they will receive immediate feedback and a document of the appraisal by email. This is a helpful tool that allows parents and tutors to quickly detect and address any issues.

Weekly e-mailed reports

Every Monday morning, they send a weekly report to the student’s parent or tutor. This report summarises all of the student’s system activities over the previous week. The report contains helpful information such as which lessons the student view which have been finished what scores the student received on the lesson quizzes. And how long the student spent on each assignment, among other things.

Quarterly reports

At the end of each semester, students can download and print their final reports. A final report indicating outcomes for each term can print once all four terms have been completed. All government and private schools around the world recognize and accept their summaries. Students who earn the National Senior Certificate (NSC) can apply to institutions of their choice. If they meet the minimum entry requirements. Students who get British International certificates for GCSE and AS levels can apply to universities both locally and internationally if they meet the basic entry requirements.

They advise all parents and children to research the entry requirements for various university facilities. So, that they can choose the best mix of topics when making their final subject choices in Grade 10 or GCSE.

Online tutors and student success coaches

On their dashboards, students who select the with tutor support option during registration will find a panel of online tutors. These tutors are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 16:30 and will respond within 15 minutes.

This does not involve virtual tuition, but it does include visual video and other resource aid. Students can reach out to a team of success coaches for any help they need with their material or portal.

Student Forum

Students can interact digitally with other students in their grades through the Forum. Students can converse in real-time using their portals.

Live tutorials industry experts and lecturers

Students in Further Education and Training will be able to participate in a live tutorial for a variety of disciplines. On their online calendars, they have a timetable that outlines which subjects and lessons they will address.

Please feel free to use the supplementary materials about online schooling that they have produced specifically for you if you want to learn more. They are there to answer any questions you might have regarding this critical decision.

About Admission:

When you get the admission form for their official website, then you will receive your login information once you have submitted proof of payment. Upload an image of yourself and tell them about yourself. Then meet your tutor and friends and start your conversation. Now enjoy your learning.

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