UNIC Pretoria Internship Programme 2019

The United Nations Information Center in Pretoria is the UN’s eyes and ears in South Africa. It’s main function is to promote better awareness and understanding of the UN and its role in the world and in Africa. The UNIC works with governments, civil society, media and educational institutions to achieve its goals.

UNIC Pretoria conducts outreach programmes, campaigns and capacity building. This is done to tell what the UN is all about and what it stands for and what it can do for South Africa.

UNIC Pretoria Internship Programme

UNIC Pretoria offers an internship programme that gives university-level students exposure to their day-to-day activities. This also presents a good opportunity to acquire hands-on experience on a wide variety of issues and topics comprising the work of the UN.

Please keep in mind that the internships they offer are unpaid, not to mention the absence of any stipends. Students can enhance and use their educational experience by way of practical work assignments, while upholding the UNIC’s work.

Interns will be exposed to media monitoring, creating press reviews, media analyses and reports, and preparing speeches about UN-related topics, to name a few. A big chunk of the role is reactive and may include a broad range of responsibilities.

Career Options

Although the UNIC cannot guarantee a job after successful completion of the program, interns will gain exposure related to their skills in any of the following:

  • Communication
  • Information Technology
  • Administration
  • Library Science

Requirements or Eligibility

Candidates must be in their third year of study or higher (i.e. Honours, Masters, PhD) in the following disciplines:

  • International Relations
  • Communication
  • Political Studies
  • Journalism
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Library Science
  • Administration

Successful applicants will sign an initial 3-month internship programme, and can extend to six months depending on availability, performance or as per agreement between the intern and the UNIC.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the following documents by email:

  • Internship Application form
  • Motivational Letter

Download the application form below:

UNIC Internship Application FORM

Upon accomplishing the form, email it to the UNIC Internship Coordinator at

Make sure to clearly indicate the period you are available and sign the application form. If for any reason you do not receive an email back, please resubmit your application.

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