Vodacom Internship Programmes

Vodacom started in South Africa and has grown into a major communications giant on the continent today. The company provides a broad array of communication services encompassing voice, messaging, mobile, data, as well as a suite of financial and converged services. Vodacom currently serves over 103 milllion subscribers.

Vodacom’s mobile network operations include the DRC, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and Lesotho. This means that Vodacom’s mobile network each covers a land area with a combined population of over 284 million.

Vodafone is the majority owner of Vocadom and is one of the top communication companies in terms of revenue.

Vodacom Internship Programmes

Vodacom is offering comprehensive internship programmes to young students who have taken up tertiary education or a Degree, Certificate or Diploma studies. The internship is a welcome opportunity to students looking to acquire substantial work experience in a professional and fully-structured organization.

In most cases, the internship programme runs for a  duration of 12 months. During the internship, participants will be given the opportunity to gain work experience in their respective field of specialization.

Career Options

Vodacom offers internship programmes that can equip participants with real world experience in their chosen field of study and prepare them to become well-rounded professionals in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Property
  • Telecommunications
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
  • Procurement

Requirements or Eligibility

Vodacom’s primary requirement is for the internship applicants to have completed some university degree, certificate or diploma. For further details about their internship requirements you may get in touch with Vodacom by accessing their “Contact Us” page.

How to Apply

If you meet Vodacom’s minimum requirements, visit their LinkedIn page and upload an updated CV. You will also be able to search for current internship openings from there.

Another way of looking for internship offerings is by going to their website and creating an application profile. From there you’ll be able to search for openings in their job portal.

Click here to get there.

Vodacom places great importance on your CV, that it is your first step in showcasing what you can do and what you have to offer the company. Your CV allows them to easily assess your qualifications and if you are a perfect fit for the internship. After all, you may have a chance at a full time employment should you be a shoe-in for the job.

Here are a few essential tips Vodacom offers to hopeful candidates:

  • Showcase your career goals, skills and achievements at the beginning of your CV. Follow it up with your work history and experience, starting with the most recent one. Make sure to disclose full details about your employers, inclusive dates, job titles held, and responsibilities.
  • Next is to mention the learning institutions you have attended as well as your academic standing and work-related courses you’ve taken. Make it a point to start if off with the most recent jobs.
  • Lastly, mention your interests and hobbies that may have a connection to the role or internship programme you are applying to.

Additional Details

Vodacom advises candidates to make sure their contact details to be up to date and the CV to be no longer than two pages.

If you are using the online application process and you don’t have enough time to finish it, don’t forget to use the “Save as  Draft” button.

Make sure to know everything contained in your resume and secure a copy of your CV you can review

Closing and Opening Dates

Vodacom is a multi-national conglomerate offering internships to interested and qualified candidates throughout the year. You can pause and unpause your application at anytime.

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