WBHO Bursary Programme 2021

May 13, 2020

WBHO, one of the largest South African construction companies today, is calling on interested parties to apply for its Bursary Programme. Take a few minutes and find out if you qualify to receive bursary support from one of South Africa’s leading construction companies.

The company was established in 1970 by John Wilson together with Brian Holmes. The original name was Wilson-Holmes Ltd., and after several mergers, the name changed to Wilson Bayly Homes Ltd. until it settled to WBHO Construction in 1996. Backed by a core management group of dedicated professionals, their experience encompasses major construction projects in the Middle East, several Indian Ocean islands and South Africa.

WBHO covers the full spectrum of construction activities which are categorized into three major operating divisions. These include Eathworks, Civil Engineering and Building Construction. Probuild Construction, an Australian subsidiary, operates its headquarters in Melbourne.

WBHO Bursary Programme

WBHO awards bursary support to students who are currently pursuing their qualification in the following areas of specialization:

  • Building Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Quantity Surveying

Important facts about the bursary award:

  • Bursars must pass all subjects. Failed subjects will be paid by the student
  • Vacation work is required during off-school season
  • Student Training in June or July is required
  • At the end of the sponsorship, bursars are required to work in the company for a certain period commensurate to years of sponsorship (i.e. 1 year of sponsorship = 1 year of work back)
  • Allowance is provided depending on the field of study and current year

Who should apply?

Applicants who meet the programme’s minimum requirements are encouraged to apply:

  • Must be a full-time student
  • With an average grade of 60% and above
  • Must be pursuing a BSc, BEng, BTech or National Diploma in one of the prescribed courses
  • A South African citizen

How do I apply?

Only qualified students can apply for bursary support. Download the application form by clicking here.

Send your application form via email to: bursaryapplications@wbho.co.za

Make sure all fields are filled out. Use “WBHO Bursary Application – Your full name” in the subject line.

Application Deadline?

The application window will close by 30 June 2020.

Contact Information

For further questions about this bursary opportunity, send an email to bursaryapplications@wbho.co.za.

Click the link to view a PDF copy of the WBHO Bursary Programme 2021 advert.


  • Are successful bursars guaranteed work after completing their qualifications?
    While possible, employment within WBHO is dependent on the bursars’ aptitude, results and the availability of the position
  • Does the company require its bursars to study in specific higher education institution?
    The bursary programme requires beneficiaries to pursue their studies at prescribed schools.
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