World Food Programme Data Analyst Internship Programme

The World Food Programme, or WPG is seeking highly suitable candidates to fill its Data Analyst Internship Programme for the year 2020.

As the food assistance arm of the United Nations, the World Food Programme gives food assistance to 83 countries and an average of 91.4 million individuals annually. It is also the largest humanitarian organization working to address hunger and food security. The WFP’s headquarters are in Rome, and with its 80+ offices around the world, the organization endeavors to provide aid to people who are unable to produce or obtain sufficient food to eat.

WFP Data Analyst Internship Programme

The successful applicant will become an essential member of the African Risk Capacity, or ARC, which is a special agency established by the African Union that leads the ARC Group. The ARC Group is a finance institution that offers financial infrastructure and tools to assist countries manage the risks of natural disasters and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Under a Memorandum of Agreement between the African Union and the World Food Programme, the ARC was created. Through an administrative service agreement, the WFP still performs administrative services for the ARC Agency.

This internship position pays a monthly stipend of up to a maximum of $1,000 depending on the area of assignment. The successful candidate must be available for work upon accepting he contract.

The scope of duties and responsibilities of the incumbent are as follows:

  • Understand and learn the ARC, including the Africa RiskView software
  • Provide assistance to the Technical Support Department and Technical Working Department in customizing Africa RiskView and preparation for the insurance pool
  • Assist in background research related to ARC members’ risk profiles and risk factors
  • Assist in customization work and data analysis for member states
  • Data gathering and preparation on natural disasters such as droughts in ARC member states
  • Provide assistance in drafting and reviewing of customization reports
  • Monitor and confirm RiskView reports against reports on  the ground
  • Provide assistance to TSD with developing and holding RiskView training
  • Assist in development, update and upgrade of RiskView software and relevant manuals
  • Act as ARC Secretariat representative at meetings and country conferences as needed provide reports on relevant discussions

Click here to view the WFP Data Analyst Internship Programme advert.

Who should apply?

To become eligible, applicants must meet the following basic requisites:

  • Must have completed undergraduate/graduate qualification (maximum of 12 months from graduation) related to the following fields of study:
    • Economics
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Natural Sciences
    • Food Security
    • Agriculture
    • Development Studies
  • Not a first degree relative of any WFP employee
  • Eligible to work and stay in South Africa
  • Good knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Knowledgeable in statistical packages such as Stata or SPSS
  • Speaks fluent English and/or French (and official language spoken in duty station)
  • Effective data interpretation and analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills, attentive to details and dependability is a big plus
  • Good social skills; works well within a team
  • Able to collaborate with minimum supervision while under tight schedule

How do I apply?

Prospective applicants who meet the basic requirements of the programme will need to set up an account on the WFP recruitment portal to be able to apply.

Click here to get started.

If you already have an account, simply sign in and proceed with the application process.

Application Deadline?

All applications must be in by 25 September 2019.

Contact Information

If you happen to have further questions about the internship, click the link and fill out the enquiry form.

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